Travelers from China non-viral, says Ulster County

Four Ulster County residents returning from trips to coronavirus-struck areas of China agreed to self-isolate for two weeks and have shown no signs of the disease, county health commissioner Dr. Carol Smith announced yesterday.

Smith stated in a release there are “no known or suspected cases of the Novel Coronavirus in Ulster County” and that local health officials are working closely with state and federal agencies “to ensure every possible precaution is put in place.”

The 14-day voluntary self-isolation is according to state and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and represent, the release stated, “and out of an abundance of caution to protect the public health and safety of all Ulster County and New York State residents.”


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  1. Coronavirus

    This is ridiculous…”self isolate”?! Voluntary?!It should be mandatory, if they don’t like it they shouldn’t have taken a trip to China for God sakes. This puts Ulster County residents in danger and it’s complete BS!

  2. Bill H

    “…have shown no signs of the disease…”
    “‘no known or suspected cases of the Novel Coronavirus in Ulster County'”
    Take it easy on your neighbors.

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