New Paltz water problem: SUNY cancels classes, asks students to leave until next week

Concerns over the municipal water supply in New Paltz have led the university to cancel classes through Saturday, Feb. 15, and ask resident students to leave at least until Sunday, Feb. 16.

Effective today at 3:30 p.m., all classes are canceled, and students are asked to leave by noon tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 12. Those who must remain on campus will continue to be able to get water and food at the campus dining hall. A 20 percent discount is being applied to dining hall meal plan purchases.

The cause is a water advisory issued yesterday warning residents not to drink municipal water. The advisory, which is described as “precautionary” because there has been no evidence found of contamination, followed widespread reports of an unusual chemical taste and odor. Bottled water is being distributed at various locations throughout town and on campus. More details here.


Testing is now being done on the water supply. Village officials say the results should be expected today or tomorrow.

The college says it is contacting local transportation agencies to let them know about a large increase in departures expected and keeping students informed via email about options.