Police officer prevents suicide attempt by woman on Saugerties roof

The site of the suicide attempt.

A Saugerties Police officer prevented a woman from jumping off the roof of a Main Street building yesterday afternoon by tackling her as she was running toward the edge of the roof, according to police.

Yesterday at 4:28 p.m., Saugerties Police responded to a 911 call reporting a distraught female on the roof of the old Flanigan’s Cleaners Building on Main Street in the village of  Saugerties. 

Officer Daniel Farcher responded to the location and climbed onto the roof, where he found a woman standing in the center of the roof who appeared agitated and upset.


As Farcher attempted to deescalate the situation, the woman yelled she was going to jump off the roof and immediately turned away from officer Farcher and sprinted towards the edge of the building.

Farcher then chased the woman and tackled her before she could reach the edge,  struggling with her as she was fighting his efforts to restrain her.

The shift supervisor, Sergeant Jeremy Rushkoski arrived on the scene and assisted Officer Farcher in getting the woman restrained and into custody.

The Village of Saugerties Fire Department was dispatched to the scene to assist getting both officers and the woman down from the roof.

The woman was transported to the WMC Health Alliance Hospital in Kingston for a psychiatric evaluation.           

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  1. Mimisasso

    Sad. Especially since the very distraught woman will be held in Kingston’s emergency room for up to 3 days on a stretcher or hospitalized in another city since Westchester Medical Center- Health Alliance- took all psychiatric services out of Kingston’s hospital

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