What the virus wants

Delaware County is one of the areas that’s been given the green light to begin reopening businesses again on Friday. I predict it’s going to be challenging.

There’s a very vocal minority here that thinks the entire shutdown was a bad idea. Since there are a lot of Cuomo-haters, those people would oppose whatever he did, And there is, like everywhere else, a massive pent-up demand for the return to some sort of normalcy.

My expectation is that there is going to be a free-for-all, a rush to reopen that is going to lead to a spike in Covid cases and, most likely, a return to at least a partial shutdown.


From what I’ve seen of humanity in this emergency, I think they won’t be able to help themselves. They will cannonball into the deepest end of the pool, whooping with relief.

There will be others who are careful, who are cautious. There will be people, like me, who are in no hurry to try to get wet. We will wait and see what happens.

Like in other parts of the country and other countries in the world, the virus will make a comeback. It’s what the virus wants, a way to spread.

It’s a balancing act, this high-wire walk to a functional economy in the midst of a public-health emergency.

I think we’re going to be wishing for a net.


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  1. wowjustwow

    There’s a small vocal minority that hates Cuomo but a silent majority that really really hates him.

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