Village Voices are on hold

As general editor of Village Voices, I have decided to call a moratorium of our blog posts and decide meanwhile whether to continue this daily feature. If anyone in the audience wants to contribute their two cents’ worth to that discussion, please email me at

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  1. Robert Selkowitz

    I am a fan. I have been wondering how the Ulster Publishing venture will proceed. Woodstock Times is an instituion that had embraced other regional issues and now is coalescing into a broader reach…yet the local touch is still important. These are local voices and I follow RBW.

  2. Karla

    I enjoy Robert Burke Warren’s writings and reflections. They are a bright spot in this crazy world. I’m reading from Los Angeles, California and feel connected via the posts. My husband and I both lost our jobs – hubby now drives for PostMates and I’m looking for work. So no money to subscribe but I would watch a sponsor’s video ad (1 – 2 minutes) before reading a blog post. Could that help?

    The old ways are not working and we must get creative to survive and thrive. Good luck!


    Why not run them???
    They are colorful and entertaining….and it is not like it costs paper or ink online!

  4. paulagloria

    I actually think Village Voices could be the very ticket that can encourage more intimacy and thus deeper discussion via the internet that might actually HEAL the other issues which has (in my family’s case) our Woodstock community in so much drama…for example as part of the Freedom First Party started by my husband well over 20 years ago I do not feel it would be appropriate to share on the actual article which mentions our names (and does not give us any chance to address our side to the wider community of print) the fact that my dream of reconciliation with someone who choose us as an enemy (not us him) is coming true. Soaring costs to live in Woodstock by the actual artists and writers who created the climate so attractive to speculators can be creatively countered. I look forward to future Village Voice articles and feedback from around the world (as in Karla’s case)

  5. Sara Loughlin

    I’ve been reading along and enjoying this column; it’s a great way to feature local perspectives and writers, especially in challenging and thought-provoking times, and helps to provide a sense of community and connection for your readers. Robert’s writing is interesting, entertaining, and authentic. I’ve had many interesting and enriching discussions spurred by what he’s written. I hope you’ll keep it going!

  6. Danielle

    In a world full of big, overwhelming changes, Village Voices’ smallness, specificity and consistency is an enormous comfort. The other day, I realized I could tell whose piece was written by whom, just by the title. I know some of these writers now – bits of their stories – Susan deals in real estate, Robert has had many creative careers. They are parents and friends and musicians. They are community members. They are strivers, like me. They’ve become my friends in a trying time, delivering a daily dose of centeredness and reprieve. I love reading their words.

  7. Garrett Andrews

    In a community newspaper, when was the last time I regularly encountered evocative Village Voices-like narratives of and about any area, never mind our inimitable Catskills? How about never.

    All the voices comprising Village Voices help speak to what gives Hudson Valley One its local and literary character, even further improving a fine paper.

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