A story of three states

I traveled through New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut to visit family this past weekend.

I usually take the southern route, which simply crosses New York and heads into Connecticut past Newburgh. This time, just for a change, I went across the Berkshire Spur, the Mass Pike, and south into Connecticut. And this time, I got out of the car several times.

Since the shutdown, I’ve made the three-and-a-half-hour trip without stopping. I’ve been trying to minimize possible exposure to the people I’m visiting. But this time I had to stop and hunt for oil for my car’s engine, and it’s a weird synthetic that took several stops to find.


Here’s what I can report:

New York has signs telling drivers that Covid is still an issue, and that they need to wear masks.

Massachusetts has signs on the highway telling visitors they need to quarantine for two weeks if they’re coming to stay. At the outlet stores in Lee, the staff stops shoppers from coming in if the store is at capacity, and people wait outside, wearing masks. At every gas station, everyone wore a mask. 

No one objected or pitched a fit while I was there. They simply accepted the rules.

In Connecticut, there aren’t a lot of signs, but everyone was wearing a mask. It I didn’t see anyone who slipped the mask beneath their nose. They covered their mouths and noses, and no one seemed to be too put out about it.

I came home to rural upstate New York and stopped at a gas station. I put on my mask and opened my car door.

Another driver pulled up beside me. “They don’t enforce that, do they?” he asked.

“Yes, they do,” I replied, and left him.

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  1. wowjustwow

    So virtuous! But you’re so intelligent and highly educated and the rednecks up here are all into thumping Bibles, shining their gun lockers and french kissing their siblings.

    Please, keep thinking that way.

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