Traffic delays near New Paltz High School expected through September

(Photo by Lauren Thomas)

Beginning Monday, March 26, and continuing through September, extensive roadwork on South Putt Corners Rd. will cause traffic delays for students and staff making their way to and from New Paltz High School.

Work will take place daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. with one-lane traffic at times. Most of the work will take place north of the school, which means traffic to and from Rt. 32 will be less affected than traffic to and from Rt. 299.

The school is asking student drivers to take the school bus whenever possible during this time or, if they must drive themselves, to factor in additional travel time. “Concern over arriving late may lead to poor driving decisions, such as speeding.”


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  1. Townie

    They tore up the whole road to put in sewer pipes 5 years back, cut down all the trees in from of the DEC 10 years ago, and gave a tour of the apple packing place 20 years ago. where’s the by-pass road the town government spoke about 21 years ago?

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