Bard presents A Conversation with Chelsea Manning

Bard College will host Chelsea Manning in a sold-out event at the Fisher Center’s Sosnoff Theater on Saturday, Feb. 24.

This event includes an audience Q&A and is a collaboration between Bard’s Queer Student Association and the Hannah Arendt Center’s Tough Talks Lecture Series, which aim “to consider and make present opinions and perspectives that are too often invisible on campus. The goal is to provide a forum for explicitly unpopular views that some might deem unpleasant, uncomfortable, and unsafe.”

Manning, a former Army soldier, was convicted in 2013 under the Espionage Act and sentenced to 35 years for leaking nearly 750,000 documents on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to Wikileaks. While imprisoned, Manning publicly identified as a trans woman.


“Now an advocate for government transparency and queer and transgender rights, Manning will speak about topics including artificial intelligence (AI) and resistance in the age of AI; activism and protest; transgender issues; and the intersection of technology and people’s lives,” reads a release on the event from Bard.