Seal away

I didn’t get outside today. I meant to. I wanted to. But between the computer, the phone, and local politics as well as virus news, I never got outside for more than five minutes.

It wasn’t a perfect weather day, but I missed getting outside just the same.

I missed the pink full moon, too. It was raining and cloud cover was complete.


I chatted with a nearly 80-year-old friend who is holed up in his Manhattan apartment, making plans for his estate, “just in case.” I heard from my daughter, who said she’d been doing pretty well until Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for president was over.

This day was a dud, to be frank. There are days when I’m pretty discouraged by humanity, and I don’t feel optimistic at all. This was one of them.

It may be time to watch a movie. Maybe “The Secret of Roan Inish” is available somewhere. I can fantasize about being like wee Jamie, and leave humans to go live with the seals.

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