Kingston woman charged with welfare fraud, grand larceny

On September 11, Laticia Wilson, 34, of Kingston, was arrested by Ulster County Sheriff’s Department and charged with the felonies of:

  • Welfare Fraud 4th degree
  • Grand Larceny 4th degree
  • Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the 1st degree

An investigation conducted by the Ulster County Department of Social Services Special Investigation Unit, in conjunction with the Office of the Ulster County District Attorney, alleges that from April 2019 to September 2019, Wilson was gainfully employed at a second job, which she did not disclose to the Department of Social Services, resulting in Wilson receiving $2,340 in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits (also known as food stamps) she was not entitled to.

Wilson was processed and released with an appearance ticket for Ulster Town Court.


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  1. Holly

    2340 divided by 26 equals 90 bucks a week, gross. Instead, why not have one of your reporters take the time to find out the guidelines for SNAP benefits? Bc it’s not something you can get an answer for on the phone, you know. They keep it a mystery on purpose, they tell you, “it depends on a lot of things.” Solve the mystery of that. Find out the cost of the investigation, maybe. Who investigates these things? I see you wrote the names of the groups – but who, specifically? How many investigators? How do they investigate? What, do you miss old Mike “I’m gonna make my name stepping on the poorest people in my county” Hein, who the neoliberals lauded like the next FDR? This is foul of the Kingston Times. Why not call her a welfare queen while you are at it, livin’ large with an extra 8 decs a week. I just made that up to sound gangster. Why not comment on whether or not she has a manicure? Shame on you. Is this news? That’s the question. Who does it affect? All of us? More people than are affected by one city employee holding two full time city jobs? How about TWO city employees, one of whom is the mayor’s wife, holding two jobs? Why did you post this? Ask yourself that, and ask yourself if you seek to be Kingston’s Tabloid.

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