It’s high time for local spirits

There’s a growing industry in the region that’s very good news for independent wine and liquor stores. Check out their shelves and you’ll find hand-crafted, artisan-style spirits of every sort. Tuthilltown Spirits in Gardiner, which had a recent fire contained in the distillery, led the way in 2005, creating vodka from apples left over at nearby orchards. They’ve expanded into an award-winning bourbon made from local grains, leading Whiskey Magazine to name Tuthilltown Craft Whiskey Distillery of the Year. Tuthilltown also makes rum, absinthe, bitters and cassis.

At Delaware Phoenix distillery over in Walton, distiller Cheryl Lins is making small batches of exquisite absinthe and rye, bourbon and corn whiskey. It’s a one-woman operation, with Lins not only creating the spirits but delivering them, too.

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