Susana Bouquet-Chester, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist and longtime resident of Woodstock, Dr. Susana Bouquet-Chester passed away on March 6th in Rhinebeck, at age 98, after a short illness. In her youth, Susana lived in several South American countries and spoke five languages fluently. Eventually coming to New York City, she obtained her Ph.D. at Columbia University. Upon her late husband Harry Chester’s retirement from the NY Times, Susana and Harry moved to Woodstock, where she continued to practice for many years. She was a very active and involved member of the community by way of the Unitarian Congregation of the Catskills and Family of Woodstock, among others. Spending winters in St, Petersburg, FL, Dr. Bouquet-Chester lectured and led discussion groups at Eckerd College. She is survived by loving nieces in Brazil, nephews in Washington, DC, and by very dear friends in New York City and Saugerties.

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  1. Susana Jaramillo Vázquez

    I am from Guanajuato, México. She was my Godmother whet I got baptised in México City. My family and I spent a lot ot great times and vacation season with her when She stayed in San Miguel de Allende. loved her very much. I had not have news or letters from her for a long time and Thanks to this article a found out She passed away the same year as my Father. I will miss her.

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