Photos: New Paltz students walk out to protest gun violence

New Paltz High School students participated in the nationwide walkout to protest gun violence this morning. Students across the country left class at 10 a.m. today and stayed outside for 17 minutes, a minute for each of the victims of the mass shooting in Parkland, Fl. a month ago.

The New Paltz walkout was organized by senior Caleb Sheedy.

“I was afraid nobody else would do it,” Sheedy said several weeks ago. “Kids are afraid to speak up against authority.”


Photographer Lauren Thomas was able to snap a few photos before school administrators asked her to leave campus.


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  1. rschroer

    Fact is Lauren Thomas was at the walkout from the beginning to end. She was not prohibited from taking pictures or covering the event. She had prior approval to be on campus during the walkout. The administration of the high school did a super job of allowing the students to protest and at the same time, with the help of the New Paltz police, provided a safe and secure campus for the walkout to take place.

  2. Stana Weisburd

    My son (a second grader about to turn 8) and I were the only ones outside Duzine. It was an important lesson and we are both proud to have done it.

    Because most parents had to be at work they were unable to join us even if they wanted to. Others felt their children were too young. Parents know their individual children best & must make those decisions for their families.

    In our family we used this opportunity to reinforce how important it is to stand up for yourself & especially others who need help. And to always work for justice, protests like this are a part of this work. Standing up for what is right, what you believe in, being proactive are vital to our society. Knowing that you can make a difference is valuable learning.

    I believe we found an age appropriate way to empower our son & teach him about standing up for what is right, without getting into the details of school shootings or scaring him. I worry that the drills scare many of the children & cause so much anxiety. Perhaps actions such as these can help counteract a bit of it.

    I am proud to see so many young people in our community standing up & speaking out. I’m upset to hear that some kids at the middle school were silenced and I urge the New Paltz times to look into it and report on it.

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