State grant paves the way for new more energy efficient chiller at Kiwanis Ice Arena

A nearly $270,000 state grant will pave the way for the long-awaited installation of a new chiller at the Kiwanis Ice Arena that Town of Saugerties officials say will lead to substantial energy savings.

Town Supervisor Fred Costello said the Town reapplied for a state Consolidated Funding Application “CFA” grant this year after the program had been temporarily suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Town was awarded a total of $269,688 towards the project.

He said this will allow the Town to replace aging equipment and eliminate the energy-hogging cooling tower. “This will allow for us to realize substantial cost savings,” Costello said. “This will complement the roof project and improve efficiency in a very meaningful way.”


Greg Chorvas, Superintendent of Town Parks and Buildings, said he expects this project, three years in the making, to wrap up by the end of July. He added the groundwork has already been done.

He said not only will this project eliminate a cooling tower, he billed “a money pit,” it will also greatly reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and emit no ozone-depleting chemicals.

He said he’s excited the town got the full 50 percent of this grant which has a maximum of a 50-50 split between local and state funding.