Letter: Why you’re alive today

You’re alive today because your ancestors and parents got vaccinated and they vaccinated you.

The non-vaccinated and non-masked have the same emotions and needs as I do; we are of the same species. They shop the same stores, go to the same doctors and swim in the same pools. Inside, we care about the same things. Politics bends the truth and distorts fact to benefit one party while the losing party attempts to lie back into the majority. All the while common folk pay with their lives, their health, their peace. If we all were in a sinking boat, we’d most likely unite our needs and priorities to save the women and children first. We’d have no problem sending the self-worshipers off in their own small rowboat with a hole in it. The reality is we are in a sinking boat called the USA.

Our leadership sees health care as a commodity. I watch folks who don’t have health insurance and know their deaths will come sooner than those with health insurance. There are places now in the United States the insured can no longer open hospital doors, no matter how much cash they have in hand. Those hospitals are filled with the unvaccinated.


The elite wealthy are not insulated from the new variants coming, even though the majority of them are vaccinated. Each new variant strengthens the pandemic germ. The protective cash bubble leadership surrounds itself with is no obstacle for the next variant. COVID will come from the garbageman, the housekeeper, the postal woman delivering their mail. No matter how much money you wrap yourself in, the next renditions of the pandemic will find you. I imagine the next variant will be called something like IGNOR: an acronym meaning In God’s Name it’s Our Right.

America’s leadership’s loss of morality is expedited by the commoditizing of every aspect of human life. This fact is evidenced by voting Trump to the presidency. Trump is the most outrageous out-of-line human form who has overtly revealed that money is worth more than human life. Our traditional political demagogues have never been so bold to reveal openly this truth.

We’ve reached a place in our politics where trust is a commodity that you must buy. If you run out of money, you’ll lose all trust. The American public in general trusts no one they vote in. We’ve been conditioned to vote for the lesser liars. The Republicans’ rhetoric demands more money to buy trust. The Democrats make believe we’ll return to telling the truth and humanity will awaken. They leave out the only pathway for the slightest chance of that happening lies in a catastrophe, returning all humans to the common denominator of working together to survive.

So, thank your parents for looking into your future and deciding to tolerate your tears when you got the shot in your arm.

Larry Winters
New Paltz

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