Village of Saugerties struggles to find new wastewater superintendent

Village of Saugerties officials continue to struggle to find qualified candidates with management experience for the wastewater superintendent position.

Village Trustee Don Hackett said they recently offered the job to candidates, only for them to decide to stay at their current job. He said there’s also not been much interest in anyone working at the plant now moving up to a management position. “One guy told us he’s not interested in being in a management position.”

In the meantime, Village Water Superintendent Mike Hopf is filling in. “He’s doing a great job,” said Hackett.


Village Mayor Bill Murphy said Hopf is taking on this position for no extra pay right now, but added that officials may have to consider extra compensation for him.

Hackett said the village is also looking for an operator trainee and is even willing to pay for schooling for someone.

Murphy cautioned that the Village has been burned before on such an arrangement —  paying for courses for an operator trainee only to have them go on to take a job elsewhere. Murphy suggested that Village officials require that the trainee stay on for five years or they will have to reimburse the Village for the expense of the coursework.