Saugerties crowns Mum Queen during baseball game

During a reimagined Mum Queen crowning ceremony on Saturday, May 15, Saugerties 2020 Mum Queen Carmen Costello (left) was crowned by the 2019 Mum Queen Jess Bucci (right). (Photo courtesy Kristine Conte/Ulster BOCES)

Coordinating the crowning of the Mum Queen and her court during the Mum Bowl typically begins months in advance, with plans rarely deviating from what has become a longstanding tradition – that is, until this year. With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing football from being played, it was starting to look like the crowning wasn’t going to happen either. But organizers were resolute about maintaining this tradition and decided to reimagine the event. A mum series-like crowning was held during the varsity boys’ baseball game on Saturday, May 15.

Organizer Maureen Rothe said, “I think most people were worried that this would be another moment stolen by the pandemic. But instead, it encouraged a spirit of innovation.”