Letter: Delgado’s office responds to constituent’s needs

Typically, I will write to a politician when they do something that upsets me. But for well over a year, I have had a problem with the IRS owing me two years of refunds and a stimulus check that amounted to a large chunk of money. Good luck trying to reach anyone at the IRS.

Out of frustration, and expecting little more than a form-letter response, I wrote to Congressman Antonio Delgado. To my surprise, I received a call two days later from a staff member wanting to know all the details. Their advice was helpful and promised a follow-up. To my utter amazement, the IRS called me! While all my issues were not resolved, I was given a time frame when my money would be sent.

A big thank-you to Delgado’s office and an appreciation that government can respond to a constituent’s needs.


David Held

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