Poll: Will you still wear a face mask in 2022?

According to the New York Times article Fauci expects Americans could still need to wear face masks in 2022, the president’s top medical adviser said today that U.S. residents may still need to wearing face masks when in public a year from now. That statement provoked debate, with supporters saying continued mask use for the next year (and many, for all flu seasons going forward) is a small sacrifice to save lives. Others greeted it with a collective groan, saying they are looking forward to resuming normal life well before next year, with most pointing to early summer, when cases drop and the number of vaccinated will be significantly higher.

What do you think?

Will you be wearing a face mask into 2022?

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  1. Brett

    If that is the recommendation from medical/scientific experts, then yes – I will wear one when needed. Because I’m not a selfish human who cares more about pretending that wearing a mask is some sort of civil liberties violation than I do about preventing more deaths as that number already approaches 500,000 domestically and 2 million worldwide.

    In 20 years, we’re going to look back with absolute astonishment at the stupidity, selfishness, and ignorance of people who refused to wear a mask, even after a year of this pandemic.

    1. Suzette Green

      Yes, well said!
      Thank you for speaking up.
      Perhaps the nay sayers would like to go back a hundred years for a truly heinous experience.
      In this country, more people are more fortunate than most, but we have a long way to go.

  2. Marion Altieri

    Brett is right–the selfishness and stupidity of the idiots who refuse to wear masks boggles the mind. It should be illegal to refuse to wear a mask, PERIOD. Then Dr. Fauci and the WHO say it’s clear to stop wearing masks–THEN, and ONLY then, I’ll take off my mask. NO ONE has the right to pass COVID on to me, or to anyone else. 🙁

    1. Hanna

      Masks Lead To Pneumonia, Oral Thrush, Systemic Inflammation & May Be The Cause Of “Long-Haul” COVID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS3JnRbYxCw

      NO ONE has the right to inflict this upon me based on irrational, unscientific mask tyranny. I have and will continue to refuse masking based on the sound and thorough scientific research against them, PERIOD.

      1. Bill H

        Yes, says a you-tuber that calls himself, “The Last American Vagabond.” He calls what he does “news,” but it’s really his opinion of what he is seeing in the media. He is very articulate and charismatic, for sure, but please don’t conflate that with having knowledge and facts. Hanna, I know that whatever I write here will seem absurd to you — I can’t compete with The Last American Vagabond — but below is a list of links that address the idea of masks causing bacterial pneumonia. It’s for anyone who is concerned about this issue and wants to learn more. I think even this simple, incomplete list of sources certainly should make one wonder why The Last American Vagabond does not consider any of these facts in his so-called YouTube “news” piece.

        Lastly, please don’t believe every “PhD” that speaks in absolutes with inflated confidence. You can get a PhD in Icelandic literature and call yourself a doctor. And before watching a 2-hour YouTube video, STOP and double check:
        1. Who is this speaker?
        2. Is he an established expert in the field about which he is arguing?
        3. What is the consensus among experts on the topic being discussed?
        4. Is this worth my attention/ should I be doing something else?

        Lastly again, beware of a charismatic speaker bent on freaking you out by talking vaguely about a vast conspiracy to defraud all of us that only the speaker and a few other fringe types know about. They will attempt to convince you by 1) confirming what you already believe, and 2) making dozens of conspiratorial connections that make little sense as a whole, establish the speaker as much more able to see “the whole truth” than you, but confirm what you already believe.

        https://apnews.com/article/9072351115 “Normal use of facemarks do not cause pneumonia”

        1. G Money


          its funny to read the article and then read that the fact checkers wrote no where did Fauci tie mask wearing to the fact that most people died from Bacterial Pneumonia during the 1918 spanish influenza. It states “most victims succumbed to bacterial pneumonia following influenza virus infection. The pneumonia was caused when bacteria that normally inhabit the nose and throat invaded the lungs along a pathway created when the virus destroyed the cells that line the bronchial tubes and lungs.” You might be unaware that the same measures were taken in 1918 that have been taken in 2020-present. https://www.history.com/news/1918-pandemic-public-health-campaigns
          So the fact that people shamed others into wearing a mask and the fact that more people died from bacterial pneumonia makes me believe the two are connected. If you have influenza and people shame you into not clearing your throat and lungs then those decisions could have lead to someone’s death. This isn’t leaping bounds of logic. This is what you call 1+1. The best thing you can do is avoid people when your sick. I’m not getting the shot and I refuse to wear a mask unless I am punished with violence from the ever compliant Nazis who pick and choose what “science” to follow. I feel sorry for people who have to google fact check to have an opinion. One day you’ll see something with your very own eyes and you’ll ask yourself is this a dream and then you’ll google fact check and it’ll say it was just a dream. Good luck with your blind leading blind lifestyle. 1 year ago you were saying don’t wear a mask….only crazy people wear masks (or that’s what Fauci said) but now you way wear two to five masks. You’re a true keyboard warrior.

          1. Bill H

            I am glad you are doing research. However, the NIH article that you quoted about bacteria pneumonia specifically states, as you quoted, that bacterial pneumonia was caused “when bacteria that NORMALLY INHABIT THE NOSE AND THROAT invaded the lungs along a pathway CREATED WHEN THE VIRUS DESTROYED THE CELLS THAT LINE THE BRONCHIAL TUBES AND LUNGS.” (Sorry for the all caps. Just wanted to emphasize certain words). So the cause of bacterial pneumonia was not mask wearing, but the flu itself. Nowhere does the NIH attribute bacterial pneumonia to mask-wearing. But you might be right that wearing a mask when you have the flu could increase the potential for pneumonia. However, and this is really important, there is no evidence stating that those WITHOUT the influenza virus that wore a mask ended up with bacterial pneumonia. That would be a false cause fallacy.

            To be clear, the NIH article says that the flu virus caused the bacterial pneumonia, not mask wearing.

            And how does the flu virus relate to the Covid-19 virus? All viruses are not the same, as we can see with this one.

            You said to me,” I feel sorry for people who have to google fact check to have an opinion.” Is that not what you did to make your point here? Is the Internet not a place we can go to find information? IN Yorktowns opinion, what is the difference between fact-checking and researching? I have my own mind, thank you, but do choose to inform my thinking by learning.

            You said to me, “One day you’ll see something with your very own eyes and you’ll ask yourself is this a dream and then you’ll google fact check and it’ll say it was just a dream.” Do you really think that people who disagree with you must be dreaming or stupid, as Mr. Nohns does? If so, “google fact check” the term confirmation bias.

  3. Bill H

    I’d hate to be wearing a mask a year from now, but am willing to if it is necessary. Like Brett above, I choose to follow the advice of medical and scientific experts. I’ve done so all my life, and it has served me well. And I wholly dismiss folks who think that means I don’t care about civil liberties, or that I am blind to some conspiracy. Rather, I care about my family and neighbors enough to follow the guidance of such experts.

    Wearing a mask is uncomfortable and frustrating, but by no means a terrible hardship. It literally is the least we can do, and that seems to be too much for some folks. It’s a shame, really. Let’s hope Dr. Fauci is wrong and that we won’t need to wear them a year from now. But let’s not be selfish.

  4. Evenezer

    No. By summer, the most vulnerable who want to be vaccinated will be vaccinated and cases will drop to almost nothing like last year. By then, masks will be optional, as they will be going forward. By the time the fall flu/covid season begins, every single person who wants a vaccine will have one.

    These vaccines are amazing. Lest we forget, last spring we were told it was entirely likely there would never be a vaccine (since there had never been an effective one for a coronavirus), and if there was, it would take at least 18 months, and only then, it would probably only be 50-60 percent effective, like the flu vaccines. Instead we got multiple vaccines in less than a year that are 95 percent effective. 95 PERCENT. That is miraculous. We should be singing the praises of the companies and scientists that made this happen.

    Instead, our public health officials are constantly downplaying things. “We don’t know if you can get infected again after you’ve been vaccinated.” “We don’t know if you can still spread it.” “We don’t know if it works on such and such group.” “We don’t know how long immunity will last.” In each case, there’s no evidence of course, because only time will tell, but the negative side is emphasized rather than the positive.

    Meanwhile, people are isolated, depressed, cut off from community, abusing drugs, abusing one another, unable to travel, careers on pause, lives on pause, kids getting bootleg educations on their laptops, small businesses are dying, and who is winning? Corporations, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and power-hungry Government.

    This can’t go on and the great thing is, there’s no reason for it to.

  5. Roadshow Magic.

    If Dr. Fauci and other medical professionals recommend wearing a mask into 2022, I’ll continue to do so.

    I have a responsibility as a citizen to do my part to respect and ensure the health of others.

  6. Jaymes Nohns

    Whatever Fauci advises, I am going to do the exact opposite….him and Bill Gates can pound sand….its time to end this mask charade….its a joke….for the record…..do you really think they are going to tell you, “Its safe now, you dont have to wear them?”…..c’mon people…..think

    1. BS

      I almost lost my footing, by responding, and following you down the black hole, of your duplicity. Then again; why bother?

  7. Roadshow Magic.

    It’s a joke?


    Are you aware that the Covid-19 pandemic has killed over 500,000 Americans?

    Do you think the families of the pandemic’s victims think it’s a joke?

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      How many people has the flu killed? Do you even remember the flu? It magically disappeared…..so let me refine my answer to asking if I really think its a joke……. Putting a cause of death to every death that walks through a hospital door….yes a complete joke. One that you have been sadly fooled by. Shouldnt we just be putting all the deaths as “Cuomo” with your same logic? Now that fella, hes a “Joke” Its all smoke and mirrors….the propaganda machine seems to run deep in your world.

  8. Roadshow Magic.

    Are you seriously comparing the seasonal flu to the lethality of the Covid-19 pandemic?

    And did the seasonal flu “magically disappear” as you claim? Really? Just like magic? Amazing.

    And did you know that every Covid-19 death is recorded on the patient’s Death Certificate? That it’s an actual confirmed Covid death? And that there are now over 500,000 of those certified deaths nationwide? As well as millions of Covid-19 deaths worldwide? Are they all “jokes” to you? The products of “propaganda”?

    If you prefer to live in ignorance and denial you are of course free to do so. Go for it. Embrace all the nonsensical conspiracy theories you wish.

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      The best part……I am not worrying about any of it….YOU ARE……wanna live your life in fear? Have at it. Yes…..flu deaths have seriously disappeared. Dont believe me? Look it up…..you have a computer in your hands…….compare flu deaths via CDC website, between all years and the Covid year…..you tell me what happened……cuz something is really fishy here…….yet you blindly pretend its on the up and up. The “Election infection” may have fooled you, but I am not buying it…….its propaganda……World war 2 grade propaganda…….

      1. Bill H

        I thought you did not believe what the CDC says. One thing that concerns me is that you very vaguely refer to the CDC when it is convenient for you, but then will call it part of the mass covid conspiracy when it does not. The CDC sites many studies that attribute the sharp decline in flu cases to the fact that enough reasonable people worldwide have adhered to social distancing and mask-wearing protocols to affect the spread of the flu. Here is one: “Influenza activity was at an all-time low in Australia in 2020. Restrictions implemented for COVID-19 may have substantially reduced transmission of influenza and potentially other respiratory pathogens.”
        From https://www.cdc.gov/library/covid19/01082021_covidupdate.html

        Also, the way you write makes it hard to tell what information has lead you to believe what you believe. “Something is really fishy here,” is the closest you have gotten to saying what you really know. Something, but what thing? Then you refer, again vaguely, to an “Election infection.” Are we supposed to think you know something we don’t? What is that thing? I am calling your bluff yet again. What is fishy? What specifically is the propaganda? What is the “election infection”? What do YOU think happened to flu deaths? And how do you know these things?

        You are bluffing. You don’t really know what you are talking about and are hoping arrogance, all caps, over use of ellipses, and non-falsifiable suggestions will have an impact on reasonable people. Ain’t going to happen. Why not just go enjoy your cocktails on the Florida beach you claimed to be on. Or better, turn off your QAnon-style feed and just admit that you don’t really care about Covid-related suffering and deaths, or anyone’s well being except your own. Then you might earn some respect among thoughtful people. Until then, you are the classic troll. Although they are usually miserable, zit faced teenagers that are trolling like you.

  9. Roadshow Magic.

    You insist on ignoring the fact that over 500,00 Americans have died of Covid-19. It may be too large a number for you.

    And you insist on believing that somehow the Covid-19 pandemic is a product of “propaganda.” How delusional. How sad.

    Yet you prattle on.

    Prattle on and on with your crazy, uninformed babble.

    But please, Jaymes, try to put the babble aside, and remember to protect yourself and others: wear your mask and exercise social distancing.

    Good luck.

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      600,000 die of Cancer each year in the U.S., and you are worried about Covid……ummmm, ok…..wheres the alarm for Cancer? Or do you just ignore that threat, because it doesnt fit the narrative?

      1. Bill H

        Where’s the alarm for cancer? Oh, come on. The US — and the rest of the world — has been engaged in a sustained, strong push for a half-century to eradicate cancer. You haven’t noticed that effort? As I am sure you already know (and are just BS-ing at this point), the causes of various types of cancer are many and cannot be eradicated by simple social distancing, mask wearing, proper hygiene, and a vaccine. I suspect that if it could you would be against the fight against cancer. Also, as I am sure you already know, cancer is not an airborne contagious disease that can be eradicated by a simple vaccine (which you will refuse to take).

        Come on, man. You don’t need to wear a mask in Florida and no one is forcing you to get the vaccine. Stop pretending like you care about the rest of us.

    2. Bill H

      He’s not delusional. He’s dishonest, and enjoys needling thoughtful people. He writes to upset kind people. This is typical of miserable people.

  10. Pam Stevenson

    Putting a mask on has become part of my daily routine. Throw mask,phone and water in the purse and go.
    I think we will be healthier if we remain proactive. I have always been cleaning common spaces door knobs, and counters with wipes and sprays. It’s second nature. If need be I can continue with a mask forever.

  11. Robert Swingle

    The reason the flu is at low levels, is the uses of masks, social distancing, and proper hygene. These have not only kept covid at bay, they had the added effect of stopping the flu in it’s tracks also. In addition, about a whopping 35%-40% more americans did get flu shots this year compared with normal, years of the past, due too an information campaign asking us too vaccinate, alleviating what could have been a much worse flu/covid season. I personally thank all those responsible neighbors who did do so, wear masks, and follow proper covid-19 protocols.

  12. Roadshow Magic.

    You’re so right, Bill.

    This guy is merely a thoughtless, taunting troll.

    My mistake was debating him in the first, and thus enabling him to hijack a very important discussion with his boundless crapola.

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      Oh…..if you only knew, who I was, and what in influence I have over your current life in the town of Saugerties…..a troll no…..someone else…..yes…. ponder that…

  13. Truth

    Ms. Jaymes Nolan, Madame, you seem too contradict yourself in your irrational, nasty, and very dangerous comments, that show us all what a complete and utter A-Hole that you are. You say that you do not believe in wearing masks, and that they do not work (Though good folks have posted absolute fact, ad nuseum, in rebuttal.), however then you question why the flu is at low levels from normal. First off, what’s your point in that statement, it seems too be quite aloof. Secondly, it would seem that you do not posses the fundamental brain function, too understand that the reason is mask wearing, social distancing, shutting down parts of our economic and public systems, proper hygiene, and a seasonal uptick in flu vaccinations. The answer was as plain as the unmasked and heartless nose on your face. You say you are in Florida, you mean the worst state, pandemic speaking, in the nation, with citizens like you, no wonder? If you are ignoramus, and self centered enough too not protect your fellow man, by doing the minimal and very, very easy masking up, then that’s your Kharma, mam’, but when you spread complete hyperbolic, and innuendo as fact, then that makes you just plain old scum and a total loser. Kharma is gonna get you, gonna knock you right in your head…

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