Best Buy at Hudson Valley Mall to close

Best Buy at Hudson Valley Mall (file photo by Will Dendis)

The Hudson Valley Mall is losing another anchor store.

Electronics chain store Best Buy announced this week that it would be closing its Hudson Valley Mall store, effective October 31.

“Unfortunately, retail in this area and at the nearby Hudson Valley Mall has been in decline for many years,” said spokesperson Claire Larson in an email. “Other anchor stores have left the area in recent years, including JC Penney, Macy’s and Sears and that has led customers to shop other retail areas.”


The stores Larson referred to all had locations in the Hudson Valley Mall, located on Route 9W in the town of Ulster, just outside Kingston. That is, until 2015, when JC Penney closed, followed in subsequent years by Macy’s and Sears. After Best Buy departs, the only remaining anchor stores will be Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

According to Larson, the store has approximately 50 employees, both full-time and part-time, and the company is trying to find positions for them at neighboring stores. Best Buy locations in Poughkeepsie and Middletown will remain open.

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  1. Dwayne

    That’s too bad. I bought my current PC at Best Buy (it was an excellent deal) and occasionally shop there when I need tech items in a hurry (options are really dwindling for this). But the location is a lemon and has only been getting worse.

  2. 2020+

    The owners of the HVM need to take real look and make a radical plan. The tear down and redevelopment of the Macy’s end into a Medical Facility is good start. But the mall owners need to basically do this:

    1: Keep the Target, Dick’s, Cinemas end of the mall; break down the interior of the Best Buy footprint
    and relocate the remaining retail stores into that space with exterior entrances for each of those stores;
    give the parking lot a full re-design with much less surface pavement, rows of mature trees to reduce
    runoff, cool the space, and make it just more aesthetically pleasing for visitors to the retail center.

    2: Tear down the bulk of the mall; build a new smaller set of retail space adjacent to the Target-Dick’s-Cinema end of the mall; much more of a lifestyle outdoor retail space with extensive landscaping and a smaller parking field.

    3: Rename and Rebrand the retail center to something like The Ridge; or The District at Ulster;
    or The Ridge at Kingston…the owners need to shake off the old anchor of a dead center and
    give it real new life.

    4: There is more than enough room on the site to build anywhere from 100—200 Loft-Style Residences in
    completely new build buildings that would put full-time residents in what becomes a new neighborhood.
    This would lead to new housing for the area; new life in the area vs. it being a drive in and drive out
    development; this model is being used successfully across the country.

    Point being, there is and has been no imagination around the HVM as it currently stands by the owners.
    It is going to have to be a radical change to retain the remaining businesses and not have another point of
    blight in the district as we have with the old IBM site.

    The retail expectation has to be fewer stores anchored by Target, Dick’s and the Cinemas, on a smaller
    footprint, with residential and office space. The thinking has been too small, the investment too piecemeal,
    and let’s stay away from carpet!

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