Paul Andreassen resigns from Saugerties Town Board

Paul Andreassen

Saugerties town supervisor Fred Costello announced at a meeting of the Saugerties town board on Wednesday, September 2 that councilman Paul Andreassen had resigned from the board. Supervisor Costello said Andreassen did not give a reason for his resignation in a brief note.

The Saugerties Town Board will be appointing an individual to fill Andreassen’s seat on the town board.  The appointment has a term that will expire on 12-31-21.  Interested Saugerties residents are invited to submit resumes to the town supervisor’s office.  The deadline for submission is September 25 at 4 p.m. and can be sent by postal service, by courier or dropped off in person to the supervisor’s office and/or the town clerk’s office, 4 High Street, Saugerties, NY 12477. 

The regular monthly board meeting was attended by supervisor Fred Costello and town council members Leeanne Thornton, Michael Ivino and John Schoonmaker. “This is a hybrid version of our regular town board meetings,” Costello explained. “We are doing a remote connection as well as an in-person meeting for the first time since March.” As long as board members maintain social distance, “we can try to do it [meet] here, and we hope to encourage people to attend and see how it goes.”


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  1. Bill H

    While I hope all is ok with Mr Andreassen, I also hope that he explains to the citizens why he is abruptly walking away. Many voters invested their trust in him and will feel like their vote was wasted. He is an elected public official and owes the public and explanation. Otherwise that ought to be the last election he ever wins.

    Again, I do hope he is ok. But he should not leave us in the dark.

    1. Jaymes Nohns

      I would ask Mr. Fred Costello, why Mr. Andreassen is resigning……the answer will surprise most, but not all.

        1. Jaymes Nohns

          Is having the last word of utmost importance to you? To be be fair your comments have not really brought anything to the table………on this post or previous posts… for thought…thank u for your time.

          1. Bill H

            Neighbor, you don’t need to reply to my posts. If they bring nothing to the table then by all means don’t waste your time on them.

        2. Jaymes Nohns

          Everyone, only “Bill H.” can respond or make a comment, dont waste your time or his…..he is apparently very wise and all knowing, and cant be bothered with any sort of nonsense.

          1. Bill H

            I love that you think people are actually reading this far into our silliness. Again, you replied to my post with some cryptic nonsense, likely to come across as a complainer that is in the know. I’m not buying it, and no one else is reading it. So stop trolling others’ posts, and trying to make your misery someone else’s fault.

        3. Jaymes Nohns

          It is ok, you may have the last word…..we “all” have the final thought though, you aren’t like this in person to, are you?

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