Help plant trees along the Wallkill River

Here’s an opportunity to contribute good to the world in a safe way — plant a few trees along the Wallkill River between May 23 and June 21. Here’s how:

Individuals and/or families can go by themselves to the designated planting location along the Open Space Institute’s River to Ridge Trail in New Paltz between the trailhead parking lot and the Carmine Liberta Bridge

Volunteers need to sign up with the JotForm

A video will be provided for you to watch beforehand for instructions on how to plant correctly. When you arrive on the site, the locations of where trees should go and tree names will be clearly marked. Each individual or family is asked to bring their own tools and commit to planting at least three trees. Tools will be available on the site to borrow if you don’t have your own. Tree planting tasks include: clearing the area of weeds, digging a hole, planting the tree, laying and staking down a fabric mulch, inserting a tree tube and watering. Required tools include: a shovel and a pair of work gloves per person, a hammer and 1-2 buckets per family.


For additional information, email

This is a collaboration between the Wallkill River Watershed Alliance, Open Space Institute and the NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program.