Police looking for man who robbed Saugerties QuickChek Sunday night

Saugerties police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the man who robbed the Route 9W QuickChek at 7:06 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 23 while wearing a white ski mask.

The man, who also wore a hat, one glove, a blue jacket, a blue hood and blue jeans, police said, is an approximately 5’10” black man with sparse facial hair and a thin build. According to QuickChek employees, about $700 was stolen — no weapon was used. The individual was last seen walking down Route 9W.

“He reached behind [the counter], grabbed the entire till and walked out,” said a QuickChek employee who asked not to be named. “[The cashier] smacked the guy’s hand.”


Another employee said that the individual brought a container of doughnuts to the register to feign a purchase before telling the cashier that he was robbing the store, taking the till and absconding with the cash. No weapon was displayed during the incident.

The store was closed for less than two hours after the incident before reopening; although police dusted extensively for fingerprints, Police Chief Joe Sinagra said detectives can’t rely on this information to catch the thief — it takes weeks and sometimes months to receive fingerprinting results back from the labs that the samples are outsourced to. However, Sinagra said that the department already has “a number of leads” and that he is “extremely confident that we will solve this” before then, with the help of the public.

“[We] have informants that we speak to, we talk to people in neighborhoods … The public is our greatest partner in solving something like this — someone knows something,” he said on Monday. “It’s about getting someone with that information to come up to the plate.”

According to Sinagra, this is the first strong-arm robbery that has taken place in 2020; none took place in 2019 and two took place in 2018. Sinagra said investigators are reviewing the store’s security camera footage.

Saugerties detectives are asking individuals who live along Route 32 and 9W to submit their home security footage from that night if their cameras point out toward the roadways, or for individuals who may have seen something suspicious to contact police — “if they have something that is out of the ordinary, we’d like to see it.” All calls will be kept confidential, the chief promised.

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  1. Pope Francis

    And once the person is caught, he will be let go with his hands smacked! So, why bother? Let him have the money as he probably needs it more then some Big Corporation. This is what the Dumbocrats want!

    1. Bill H

      You know, there is a life outside of blaming liberal Democrats for things. Try it. Let go of the mouse, back away from the computer, go outside, breathe some air. Remember what is really important to you. Call a family member. Make amends with a neighbor. Wash the car. Heck anything but using online forums to blame others for your unhappiness. Or at least try reading an article and posting about its actual content. In this case it announces that the police are looking for help finding a robber of a local convenience store. How this becomes about “liberal Democrats” is your own making. Your irrelevant sarcasm is lame and off topic.

      1. Pope Francis

        Bill H. You sound like a moron! He who has commented 3 times on this topic already. Go back under your rock as life is better when your under it!

        1. Bill H

          Sorry, but your post above definitely deserves to be made fun of. You can throw all the names you want at me and others (Dumocrat), but it won’t make life any better. And, yes, sometimes I AM moron enough to jump in the muck with people like you, but it’s hard to read such nonsense and remain silent.

          Many members of our community post great ideas and resources in response to these important local news articles. Frankly, you are not one of them. You use the forums to continue playing your broken-record rant about Democrats, as if that is the reason why seemingly everything you see sucks. I suggested above that the problem might be your outlook. I am not a Democrat but I am someone that will push back at directionless nay-saying about things that matter to our community. Why not try to curb the impulse to lazily complain and instead have the courage to offer an idea or solution to the issues presented in these articles?
          Now, go ahead and commence the name-calling.

  2. Just saying...

    yup, you’re catching on…. the liberal Democrats own this mess… they have no one to blame but themselves… just saying…

    1. Bill H

      I love this absolute position. Only liberal Democrats are to blame, no one else. But for what? This article is about a person that robbed a store and how the police are working to track the robber down. Is the robber the liberal Democrat? Are the police liberal Democrats? Is it because of liberal Democrats that crimes are committed? Was there no crime when your choice of leadership was in power (not sure who that is because you offer no ideas beyond the general scapegoating for your unhappiness)? Is there somewhere in which your choice of leadership IS in power where there are no crimes and all is pleasing? If so, please tell us the big news. Or are you simply wishing for the tough-on-crime medieval times when they chopped off the heads of criminals and hung them on the castle walls. If so, be careful because those crimes included mouthing off in public forums.

      Until then, it is hard for this non-Democrat not to make fun.

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