CareMount Medical opens location in ShopRite Plaza

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held last week for the recently opened CareMount Medical office in the ShopRite Plaza in New Paltz. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

Now patients of the CareMount Medical office in New Paltz can get their blood pressure and bloodwork taken while picking up a few grocery items on their way to see local family doctors Allison Lucchesi and Matthew Denno at CareMount’s new location: 264 Main Street, in the ShopRite Plaza. Although the new medical offices officially opened two weeks ago, the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place this past Tuesday, September 24.

For years the New Paltz-based CareMount Medical office was located at a small, cozy office in the Village, just off the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail and within walking distance of several downtown shops. The problem, according to CareMount officials and the office staff, was that there was no room to expand in the 2,100-square-foot site, and very little parking for their patients.


The new location is 5,000 square feet, with room for more staff and on-site laboratory services. According to CareMount officials who were present at the Grand Opening, they are actively seeking a nurse practitioner to add to their new location. “Our old location had a lot of small-town charm to it, but it did not have any room to grow, and only had four or five parking spaces and very limited handicapped accessibility,” said Dr. Denno of the pair’s former office at 26 North Front Street. “We’re bringing the same quality of care here, but in an updated building that is centrally located and way more accessible for all of our patients.”  He noted that this office is more visible, and also on the Ulster County bus loop and directly across from the newly constructed section of the New York State Empire Trail, a statewide non-motorized pathway.

Donna Montalto, chief of staff for CareMount, concurred. “This is the center of town, and it is much more convenient for our patients, particularly elderly patients or those that might have mobility issues or mothers with young children in strollers,” she said, pointing to the newly redone parking area at the ShopRite Plaza. Montalto also noted that they’ve secured the 4,000-square-foot storefront next door to “add pediatrics over the next couple of months.”

There were plenty of local leaders on hand at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, including Dr. Lucchesi’s husband, New Paltz Police lieutenant Rob Lucchesi, who was proudly taking pictures along with police chief Joe Snyder. Other local representatives included town supervisor Neil Bettez and village mayor Tim Rogers, who showed up just before the ribbon was to be cut on his favorite mode of transport, his bicycle.

“You have to love a mayor that bikes,” said Scott Hayworth, the president and CEO of CareMount Medical. “It sets a great example. Thank you for coming,” he said, extending his hand to the mayor, who joked that he was “402 feet outside of his jurisdiction,” according to the elevation app on his watch, as the new office is in the Town of New Paltz as opposed to the Village. “And there’s a bike rack right around the corner,” added Bettez, who thanked CareMount for “caring about our New Paltz patients and finding a location that was more handicapped-accessible, has more parking, more community access. It’s located near housing density and the college, and I think that physical access is very important to providing care.”

Hayworth agreed. “Building better offices and making our spaces as accessible as possible: That was the goal of our expanded location in New Paltz. With additional specialties coming soon, CareMount continues to expand access to healthcare for patients throughout the region.” Hayworth noted that New Paltz is one of 45 offices of CareMount Medical from “Manhattan to Kingston.”

CareMount claims to be the largest independent “multispecialty medical group” in New York State, where it serves approximately 640,000 patients. To learn more about CareMount, its services and providers, go to

The new office building is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. To learn more about the new location, go to

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