Kingston seeks volunteers for zoning task force

The city is putting together a zoning task force and is seeking qualified applicants to volunteer their time to work on multiple facets of Kingston’s zoning-related issues.

The task force’s first assignment will be to develop a “scope of work” using the recommendations from the previous Comprehensive Plan Zoning Sub-Committee, and with support from Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress. The task force’s findings will be given to a qualified consultant who will assist the City of Kingston in determining the legislative changes needed to update the existing zoning code.

“My hope is that the new task force will reevaluate existing zoning and together we can come up with a concrete plan to ensure that our zoning is consistent with our Comprehensive Plan, spurs responsible economic development, and preserves our community’s high quality of life,” Mayor Noble said in a statement.


Applications for the Zoning Task Force can be filled out online at, or an application can be downloaded at