Delgado supports bill that would set up public financing of campaigns, require Trump tax return disclosure

Antonio Delgado

Congressman Antonio Delgado (D-Rhinebeck) today announced support for H.R. 1. Among several provisions, the bill would do the following:

  • Create a public financing system for campaigns where tax dollars would match small-donor contributions at a rate of 6:1
  • Require disclosure of super PAC donor information as well as social-media political ad buyers
  • Create an automatic voter-registration system (opt out rather than opt in)
  • Require the president to disclose tax returns

Political observers say the bill has no chance of being approved by the Senate or signed by the president. Rather, it serves as a symbolic statement by Democrats about their priorities, and perhaps what they might do if they controlled the senate and presidency.

“Corporate power is commanding way too much attention in Washington; it is time that our government be responsive to the will of the people rather than the interests of a wealthy few and big corporations,” said Delgado. “This historic bill will help strengthen everyday Americans’ power in our democracy and raise the bar for ethics in Washington.”