Emo Philips plays Kingston’s Beverly

Comedy legend Emo Philips performs in the surprisingly intimate confines of the Beverly Lounge on Friday, October 19. The comedian once described by Jay Leno as “the best joke writer in America” scored big in several films and television shows, memorably playing a table-saw demonstrator in the cult classic UHF and playing himself as a featured client in the popular Comedy Central cartoon Dr. Katz. But for Philips, home and heart are the stand-up stage. He has performed over 6,000 times throughout the English-speaking world (including a multiweek run at the Playhouse Theater in London’s West End). Since starting out, at the age of 20, in Chicago in 1976, Emo has had award-winning comedy albums, several cable specials (including an hourlong one on HBO) and many appearances on network television.

Ventriloquist and comedian Carla Rhodes opens. Tickets cost $20 in advance, $25 on the day of the show.