New Paltz Chamber director Prizzia to resign

(Photo by Lauren Thomas)

After three years on the job, Kathy Prizzia has announced she will be ending her time as executive director of the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce at the end of this month, to become the assistant general manager of Rocking Horse Ranch. Interviews for her replacement are already being held.

In a video posted on YouTube, Prizzia spoke about the pride she feels for this Chamber of Commerce, an organization to which she belonged before becoming its director, and to which she shall return as a member once her professional obligations wind down. “In a sense, it’s something I’m heartbroken over because … I’ve had such a great experiencing here, representing” the roughly 600 member businesses.

In a statement circulated with that video, board chairman David Ness wrote that “we want to thank Kathy for her help in making the New Paltz Chamber of Commerce a vibrant organization with a bright future, and leading our organization for the past three years.” When reached for comment, Ness said that he was personally “saddened to see her go, but at least she’s staying local.” Ness was involved in hiring Prizzia for the position, and said that he and other board members are “confident we’ll find someone to help carry on the legacy” that Prizzia stewarded.


Prizzia is the longest-serving executive director of the New Paltz Chamber. Only two people prior to her held that title, which was created when then-president Joyce Minard retired in 2012 after 14 years as the face of the business group.

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