Rosendale’s Market Market closes

Market Market Café, the restaurant, bar and alt/rock “micro-venue” at the corner of Route 32 and Madeline Lane in Rosendale, has officially gone out of business after ten years of operation under the ownership of Brooklyn expats Trippy Thompson and Jenifer Constantine. Profiled in The New York Times in 2010 as “a magnet for the Brooklyn exiles” who have been migrating to the mid-Hudson in the past couple of decades, Market Market made a specialty of one-night-only musical events called “Tributons” in which bands from near and far would perform works associated with a particular big-name performer.

The venue closed its doors on December 15, according to its Facebook page. “We’ve done a lot of things, we’ve seen a lot of thrills. Here’s one for the road,” reads the December 13 post. “We are closing our doors on Friday night. Thank you for being a part of our family.

You met the nicest people at Market Market Café.” A post the following day says, “Friends of Tributon, stay tuned,” without further elaboration.


Subsequent posts only show historical photographs from the venue’s renovation and reopening, followed by a notification that “Market Market Café updated their business hours.” The hours now listed simply say, “Permanently Closed.”

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