What’s up with Mariner’s on the Hudson in Highland?

A view of the shore of the Hudson River in Highland with the old Mariners Harbor building in the distance. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Mariner’s on the Hudson in Highland, when it’s open, can be a popular destination for a meal. It’s not open now, however, and there’s clearly a lot of work being done to the building. According to David Barton, who heads the building department for the Town of Lloyd, “It will almost be a new building” when all is said and done.

Barton said that new owner, Richard Ronkese, who also has the On a Roll Deli in Highland, “started uncovering things, and didn’t like what he saw.” Problems in the structure have led to a lot of new steel being brought in, and plans now call for the restaurant to be elevated out of the flood plain in the hope of minimizing issues in the future.


Ronkese himself reportedly is not prepared to speak about his future plans, and whether they will include a name change for the establishment or not. That’s according to an employee at On a Roll Deli, who did not provide her name. She did agree to pass the invitation for an interview on to Ronkese, but hung up the phone without asking for any contact information. A follow-up e-mail did not receive a response.

However, Barton is of the understanding that Ronkese is hiring many new chefs and cooks. According to online reviews of Mariner’s on the Hudson, patrons were well-pleased with the views and service, but gave mixed grades to the menu. It’s likely that the view won’t be harmed by the renovation, but it’s too soon to say what the food will be like for its next iteration.



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