Letter: Thanks for the common sense, Congressman Faso

Thanks to Mr. Faso for voting against the move, the very first move of the new congress, to diminish the ethics reviews of our Congresspersons’ activities. This was not an “across the aisle” vote on his part, but a correct bi-partisan response to a law that the Republican establishment tried to slip in without notice. I do hope this common sense decision to act in a bi-partisan way reflects the way he will be representing us throughout his term.
I encourage him to vote in a similar way when the ACA debate comes up. It makes common sense to replace before repeal rather than repeal then try to replace, after untold injury to many, and perhaps years later. The new Congress should take the time to debate this impactful issue before repealing and leaving we the people hoping our coverage is not dropped. I believe that this debate would lead to serious modifications of the ACA, perhaps enough to call it a new law, perhaps not, in a win-win manner

Dave Minch