Saugerties town announces 2017 appointments

Welcome to 2017! Resignations, appointments and insurance savings dominated this year’s Saugerties town board’s annual reorganization meeting on January 4. In all, about 80 persons were appointed to serve the town on various board and committees.


Insurance savings

Saugerties town supervisor Greg Helsmoortel announced at the reorganization meeting that a change in liability insurance carriers has saved the town about $20,000. The town government has contracted with Travelers Insurance through the Reis Insurance Group for property and casualty insurance. Travelers’ inspection and review of the town’s insurance record found that local loss rates have decreased. It also found that the police department was acting very professionally. Because of these findings, according to Helsmoortel, Travelers has guaranteed lower rates for three years.



Detective Courtney Loertscher, the police department’s first full-time police officer, has resigned to take a job with a police department in Westchester County. The council promoted Patrick Hastings to detective to replace Loertscher, and moved officer Jennifer Culver from a part-time to a full-time job.


The council also accepted the resignation of John Rinaldo from the town board of assessment review. He moved out of town.

Also resigning was Brett Bashnagel of the town’s parks and buildings department because he too moved out of the community.



The town board has appointed Paul Andreassen to the planning board for a seven-year term. Dan Ellsworth was named to the planning board as an alternate for a year. Howie Post will remain board chair for this year, and Bill Creen will be vice-chair.

Pat Fitzsimons, Carol Ann Mayone, Josepha Gutelius, Barry Benepe, Carmen Gramolgia, Susan Weeks, Steve Hubbard, Elizabeth Shafer and Naomi Rotheberg were appointed to the town’s comprehensive planning committee.

The board appointed Bill Ball, Len Bouren, Lisa Greco, Stephen Dodig, William Creen Jr., Kevin Pendergast, Joe Gavner, Rich Koegel and Joe Quirk to sever on the town’s recreation advisory committee for 2017. County legislator Dean Fabiano was appointed as an honorary member.

Mike Harkavy, Cliff Tienken Sr., Ken Benson, Skip Arthur, Mary Anne Wrolsen, Bob Ghering, Mary O’Donnell, Steve Guerin and Cliff Tienken Jr. were appointed to the town’s conservation advisory committee. Spider Barbour was named an honorary member.

Francine Heinlein, Linda Sasso, Ray Mayone, Rocco Pietrofessa, Sandra Pietrofessa, John Poll and Doug Petit were named to the town’s water and sewer advisory committee.

Gus Pedersen, Matthew Phillips, John Kelley and Paul O’Malley were appointed to the town’s cable access committee.

Bob Karcy and Sherab Posel were named to the town’s economic development committee.

Barbara Budik, Mark Smith, Steve Hubbard and Marjorie Block were named to the tourism committee, with Block named the committee’s chair.

Gerry Marzec, Sarah Mecklem, William Trumpbour and Mark Knaust were named to the biodiversity assessment team, and Diana Harris was named an honorary member.

Jamie Fine, Thomasine Helsmoortel, Mary Frank, Stewart Fox and Richard Walker were appointed to the town’s property assessment advisory committee.

Susan Puretz, Colleen Greco, Barbara Kaisik, Bob Saturn, Marjory Greenberg-Vaughn, Marc Beach, Roberta Gavner, Sandy Ostoyich, Peg Nau, Anette Zwickler, Eileen Shumbris, Jouette Bassler, Matt Ostoyich and Susan Davis were appointed to the senior education committee (Lifespring).

Samantha Dederick was appointed to the zoning board of appeals for a five-year term, and Jeanne Goldberg was appointed as the chair of that body.

Donna Lorenson was appointed to the town’s ethics committee for a five-year term.

Steve Hubbard and Jennifer Mangione were appointed to the board of assessment review for five-year terms.

Joe Sinagra, Doug Myer, Al Bruno, Laura Phillips and Brian Carmody were named to the Saugerties transportation advisory council.