Letter: 1,000 acts of kindness

Jeremy Taylor Sr. with his children Jeremy Jr. and Jenna.

Jeremy Taylor Sr. with his children Jeremy Jr. and Jenna.

New Paltz sometimes feels like it has grown into such a large town. But when our son, Jeremy, passed away suddenly on March 9, we found out what a small, close-knit town it really is. We’ve lived here since 1979. Jeremy grew up here, and as a single father, raised his two small children here. He always found time to help others — whether it was shoveling snow for older neighbors, helping people with chores or giving them what little money he had. His heart was very big. These qualities made us very proud of him. We loved him very much, and we will always miss him.

During this time of grief, we have experienced 1,000 acts of kindness and support. We had friends and family bring us food, love and hugs when they were sorely needed, and we never felt alone. We have had, and will always have, constant support from our family and, most especially, the Napier family as we raise Jeremy’s children. We have experienced kindness from the New Paltz Police Department and Rescue Squad, Copeland Funeral Home, Pastor John and the Church of the Nazarene, Schatzi’s Restaurant and the Phillips family, New Paltz YBA, New Paltz Baseball and many others — some we don’t even know, but they were touched by Jeremy and his children.


Additionally, we have been contacted through social media by many friends and family and, in turn, their friends and family. We have been overwhelmed by your support and kind words. We could never thank you enough for your love, prayers, donations, kind thoughts and much-needed support and visits during our time of need. Thanks to those who stopped by or plan to come and play with the children. They are learning about the power of good friends and good choices through your deeds and words. I wish I could list you all, but you know who you are.

Special thanks to those who have sent the children a donation for their “College/Future Fund.” It means the world to us to know their future is more secure. Bless you. We have set up a direct account for young Jeremy Jr. at www.paypal.me/Jeremy11 and Jenna at www.paypal.me/Jenna7. Or you can mail a donation to 51 Prospect Street, New Paltz, NY 12561. Everything will help them — no matter how small — and one-hundred percent goes to them.

It sometimes seems like the world is becoming a cold and jaded place, but this proves the power of love and kindness is stronger than ever. God bless you all and thank you.

Jim, Michele, Jeremy Jr., Jenna, Justin, Jenn, Henry & the entire Taylor family
Ashley, Darla, Larry & the entire Napier family
New Paltz and beyond