Letter: Bob Carey on Irish Cultural Center

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Good will and community

I would like to reflect on the plans for our Irish Cultural Center and emphasize the great passion, integrity and care that have gone into developing the ICCHV in Kingston. The plans have been underway since 2011. The concept for the center has been embraced as a complement to the art and cultural offerings in the Rondout, as accessible to businesses, visitors and pedestrians and as a fit with the surroundings. With hundreds of man hours and numerous professionals and volunteers working hard to build the center, we look to create a vibrant and vital resource that the community can be proud of and take advantage of. From arts and educational programs, to honoring the history of Irish culture and its roots in the Hudson Valley, from engaging performances to catered events and more, we envision a place for Irish enthusiasts and the Irish-at-heart. Above all, everyone is welcome.

As part of a greater plan for the Rondout waterfront development, a blend of business and residential properties co-exist. We have always moved ahead appropriately and professionally in this regard. Planning, zoning, landmark and historic approvals have indeed all been met and have always been available as a matter of public record.

As we move forward with our proposal and presentations to the appropriate city boards,


we will continue to adhere to and comply with any guidelines before us. The footprint of the building, like our mission, has not wavered.

The mission of the ICCHV is built on good will and community. We are proud of the work we’ve done so far, of the considerable support from the local community, officials and New York State government representatives — even Ireland’s Ambassador to the U.S. — and the respect and care we have for residents, families and businesses in the burgeoning Rondout district. We look forward to being an integral part of its unique personality and growth.


Bob Carey, Executive Director, ICCHV, Kingston