Meet the Town Board candidates: Fred Costello

fred square

Party: Independence Party

If elected, what would be your top priority?

Economic development is the number one priority for our community. The regional economic climate is just beginning to support business expansion for the first time since 2008. Saugerties has a unique opportunity to invite and partner with potential businesses looking to expand or locate in our community. Through many years of effort the Kings Highway corridor is one of the prime shovel-ready sites in the Hudson Valley. We also have an opportunity to continue enhancing Saugerties as a tourism destination with our unprecedented schedule of festivals, attractions, recreation opportunities and HITS. As a board member I will continue to support marketing, infrastructure and Internet enhancements which will help to give our community the best opportunity to participate in this expansion cycle. I will continue to seek and employ technologies which make the operation of the town government cheaper and more efficient. For example, by continually enhancing software and computers the daily operation of every town department becomes more accountable and transparent. Competitive energy purchasing combined with solar and deployment of energy efficient appliances will help control our energy expenses and save taxpayers money.

What experience do you have that would make you an effective Town Board member?

As a sitting board member and former member of the economic development committee, I have had the opportunity to successfully go through the grant process and have been exposed to a number of regional economic development and programs. Many times businesses that are interested in expansion may not be fully aware of infrastructure, assistance opportunities, training assistance, etc. My years of experience allow me to be a resource for potential investors who are interested in our community. As a lifelong resident of Saugerties, and sitting Town Board member, I have fostered relationships with a broad group of community organizations that host events and festivals that create and enhance tourist opportunities in our community. As a board member I have worked closely with department heads, town committees and community groups in an effort to adopt and employ best practices for government operations. These efforts have produced a more efficient and transparent town government.


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What should voters know about you?

I have been a Saugerties resident for my entire life, I graduated from Saugerties High School and studied business at Ulster County Community College. In 1992, I participated in a study mission to Israel as a student at SUNY New Paltz. I am employed by my family, who operate Sue’s Restaurant. I have served as a Town Board member since 2002 and am proud of the many projects that I have had the privilege to participate in, including the improvements at the Glasco and Malden mini-parks, the Saugerties skate park, the town and village police consolidation, the recent accreditation of the Saugerties Police Department, the Kings Highway water and sewer district, the replacement of the Glasco water tower and many more.