Memorial Day

memorial-day-parade-SQIt is a weekend filled with tradition. It’s one of the glories of a small town. There are events you can count on, barbecues, tons of traffic getting in and out of town, especially on the Thruway; the big Memorial Day Parade on Monday, the solemn ceremony at the Cemetery; a Tom Pacheco concert; a Bob Dylan Birthday concert raising funds for Family; big art auctions and displays; venues glittering with the optimism that comes from the almost warm weather and the hint of summer…

And though we write about the changing face and faces of Woodstock, the new businesses that carry so many hopes, dreams and ideas, and about shrugging off the fights and difficulty of the past winter, we go back to what the recently retired Jerry Wapner said when we interviewed him late in 2013.

At that time, the venerable attorney was asked how he viewed the town. “Times change and things shift,” he said. “But you know I’ve been looking at Woodstock since 1964 — what 50 years? And it doesn’t look all that different to me today than it did then. It feels very much the same. The sight of it and the feel of it.”


So we understand. Things change, things stay the same. Enjoy yourself this weekend. Get out and be part of the community.


Some random sports thoughts:

Were deflated footballs worth two more games of suspension for Tom Brady than the punishment that was first doled out to Ray Rice for flattening his girlfriend?

Is it really Phil Jackson’s fault that the Knicks won those two end of the season games and fell to the fourth pick in the NBA draft?

The New York papers would have Mets manager Terry Collins’ job in jeopardy. The Mets have been in first place for the first time since when? 2006?

Usain Bolt runs again in Ostrava in the Czech Republic on May 26 after turning in the fastest 100 meter relay split of 8.65 seconds in Jamaica May 2. But the U.S. team beat the Jamaicans in that race, ending a seven year drought in the competition.

Isiah Thomas in charge of a WNBA team? That’s got to be a joke. Is anybody laughing?

That’s all I got. Thin gruel, I know.