Bach-Tucker raps board’s oversight of budget, superintendent

bach-tuckerTeresa Bach-Tucker, the former School Board trustee who resigned suddenly last month and is the wife of current School Board candidate Bruce Tucker, said at May’s board meeting that Superintendent Seth Turner should be evaluated more frequently. She said that this year he created his own goals, rather than the board creating them, and while she believed they were good, the board didn’t do its part in holding him accountable.

Bach-Tucker’s complaints regarding the district’s handling of business continued as she voiced her lack of support for the 2014-2015 budget. Because of the decreasing student population and the amount of money the district has in its fund balance, she said they should give the taxpayers “a break.”

Turner responded to these accusations by pointing out that under his current contract, his evaluations are tied to his salary, so any time he is evaluated he receives a merit raise. Because the district was “not on good, firm footing, I’ve never exercised that clause.”


The superintendent also argued that speaking negatively in public about the budget a week prior to the May 20 vote was bad for the community. Turner said “a defeated budget means kids get hurt.”