School Board prez on challengers’ criticism: ‘hogwash’

heidcamp SQSchool Board President George Heidcamp took aim at candidates for the Board of Education at the May 13 board meeting. Speaking “as the Board president, defending the Board of Education,” Heidcamp responded to accusations (interview I, interview II)  that the board is not transparent with a single word: “hogwash.” He said that the board agenda and supporting documentation is always posted on the district website prior to each meeting. Committee meetings, too, are open to the public, though he noted that members of the public have rarely attended. Heidcamp also took issue with the statement that several candidates have made claiming that the board is primarily interested in keeping taxes low. While he said that the trustees have tried to keep tax increases low, he pointed to the list of district priorities for this year’s budget planning, which has student needs in first place.

Heidcamp’s sentiments were echoed by Trustee Donald Tucker, who said these accusations were “blatant mistruths,” as Heidcamp always follows the rules of open government. Tucker said he will welcome any new board member who comes with fresh ideas to improve the district, but he will not “support vengeance or mistruth and misleading statements to secure a seat on the Board of Education.”