Just the facts

Three days after Christmas, 910 residents of Ulster County will receive their last government checks for emergency unemployment compensation (EUC). They are among the 127,000 New Yorkers who are being cut off because the continuation of EUC benefits was not included in the two-year limited federal budget agreement struck in Congress between congressman Paul Ryan and senator Patty Murray, now passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president.

The Ulster County EUC recipients, part of the 1.3 million ex-workers cut off by the end of the year nationwide, will be joined, according to the state Department of Labor, by 1140 residents of Dutchess County, 1658 former workers living in Orange County, and 360 in Sullivan County. In a relatively small labor such as the mid-Hudson, the impact of turning more than 4000 former EUC recipients overnight into “discouraged workers,” the economic term used to designate people not getting unemployment benefits and therefore no longer officially looking for work — often because there are no jobs to be found, is likely to be traumatic.

Happy holidays.

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