Letters (10/31-11/7)

Town supervisor

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Let Myers continue solving problems

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support Kelly Myers in the upcoming election for town supervisor. Saugerties residents are fortunate to have Kelly Myers as our town supervisor. She has effectively and efficiently accomplished what we have elected her to do and that is to solve problems and meet the many needs of our community. She has helped enact town laws that have prohibited the sale and possession of illegal synthetic drugs and drug paraphernalia.

In addition, she has been a defender for our community in the conflict concerning the turbid water after the Ashokan Reservoir, which damaged the Esopus Creek. She is an activist for the dredging of the Lower Esopus Creek to revive the waterfront. At one time, Kelly was a member of the Esopus Creek Conservancy executive board and served as their vice president.

Kelly is a dynamic person who has excellent values. I have had opportunities to spend time with her and her family and she is a great mom. I find her to be hardworking and determined which benefits the community of Saugerties. She is very excited and proud of our town and all of the people who live in it. Kelly only has had two years to turn things around and she has made a very strong start. We need this dynamic person to continue her outstanding work.


In a few short weeks, all US citizens will have the privilege of voting. Along with this great comes our responsibility of being informed and then voting intelligently. Make your vote count and join me and vote for Kelly Myers this November!


Shirley M. Catalano



If the Ciarlante is wrong, I don’t wanna be right

Just a question; if Gaetana Ciarlante is such a bad candidate, why is she the only one to notice a huge encroachment into our property rights during the proposed water regulations? I didn’t see any other candidate defending property owners against this absurd proposed regulation which was drafted seemingly without any input from the property owners. She correctly noticed parallels between language in the heinous UN agenda 21 and that document whether coincidental or intentional.

What people don’t understand that she does is agendas are being written that are against the interests of the citizens of this country by the UN and the federal government that are being adopted by local governments eager to get their hands on grant money, federal money, state money, etc. We need leadership with enough brains to not take the bait. Our freedoms are not for sale. The greedy will entangle us in the manipulative schemes of the government, whereas the principled will not. And as for her being a “tea party activist,” that would be a bad thing if you buy the BS that has been put out about them from day one! Well, a little background for what I am about to say– my grandpa was forced to leave Germany because they collapsed the economy by doing the same thing we are doing now; endlessly borrowing, spending, and printing money. So I resolved to not have that happen to the country my children will inherit. Lo and behold, there was a group of citizens dedicated to the same goal, the “dreaded” tea party. But that would not do for the greedy corrupt profiteers that make $$$ lending and spending us into the ground!

Oh no! We have to tag the tea party as “racist” despite the fact that I saw minorities being embraced by the rallies and even (gasp!) speaking at the events. But the corruptocrats’ cronies won’t let that be shown in their shill media! Then they had to show ads of granny being thrown off a cliff claiming we want all government services cut! The point of balancing the budget is to continue funding our vulnerable citizens! That is our whole goal! Our opponents claim that we want to eliminate all government. Wrong! That is anarchy; not tea party! Our opponents only answer is to keep borrowing without end; that is what led to the destruction of my grandpa’s Germany and then WW2.

Learn from history. Our opponents claim that we are ignorant Neanderthals. Actually most of us are highly knowledgeable. We just want to prevent an economic catastrophe and we just want the basis of our freedoms, the Constitution, to be followed, not shredded and ignored!

Karl Manfred Krause



Helsmoortel is the leader Saugerties needs

How people run their campaigns for office is an indication of how they will govern our town. Do they present clear and realistic policy ideas or just attack their opponents? Do they offer only simplistic pledges that they hope will “play well” or do they try to discuss the many complexities that confront us on the town level? Do they act like undisciplined children who think only of themselves or reasonable and thoughtful adults who understand that leadership involves seeking input of your colleagues and giving credit to others? For me, this decision is easy. I’m voting for Greg Helsmoortel. Saugerties needs him back.

Chris Kelly



A step in the right direction

As you cast your ballots I urge you to consider a better direction for Saugerties; one in which you as residents can continue to live in Saugerties. We can no longer afford to continue to re-elect supervisors who have not done what is best for town residents.

In my door-to-door campaign I have spoken to residents who worry about continuing to live in Saugerties because of rising property taxes. Many of you have already made plans to leave and have lost the closeness of family and friends who have moved away either due to high taxes, lack of job opportunities or both. These issues are my main focus as they have been for the past two and a half years. As a citizen I have been trying to communicate with an administration which presents as disinterested. When in office I will work diligently to address these concerns and will have some capacity to safeguard attacks from the outside while strengthening from the inside.

My reputation as an advocate for the citizens demonstrates my ability to face challenges. When an issues is important to private citizens I refuse to back down until successful. I have no interest in developing a political career and therefore do not have to “make nice” with the up the food chain politicians when they make a decision which is unfavorable to Saugerties.

I am not interested in money, power, or prestige and will neither seek nor accept a raise in pay. Elected officials work for the citizens and when they fail to do so it is the right and duty of the citizens to remove them.

As an elected official I will practice term limits; I have always been easily accessible and will continue this practice. Please visit my website at www.ciarlanteforsaugerties.com before casting your vote.

Some believe that we have gone past the place of no return. I believe that the longest journey starts with a single step.

May God guide you in your decisions, may God bless Saugerties and God bless America.

Gaetana Ciarlante



Still standing

I would like to thank all who have supported me, shared their knowledge and encouragement during my first term as Saugerties town supervisor. When I decided to run two years ago I chose the slogan, “Stand up for Saugerties,” and that’s exactly what I’ve done for our town.

I’ve stood up for you by tightening financial controls and oversight on town spending. I’ve proposed tax cuts two years in a row. I made sure you were getting the most for your money by bidding out all contracts that came up for renewal. I contacted NYS Housing and Community Renewal to protest the siting of a low-income housing development in Glasco, because the people of Glasco did not support it. I put the town budget on the website, so you can see how your money is being spent.

I made sure Town Hall was named after Col. Donlon, he deserved it.

I voted no for more tax breaks for Steve Aaron. I opposed the “Safe Act” because it was rushed through, without any input from the public, and didn’t take into account practical financial implications to individuals and municipalities.

I fought hard to protect the Esopus Creek from destruction by NY City DEP, and am currently working with DEC to do an environmental evaluation of the creek. We’re also currently writing a plan to identify projects for restoration and prevent future hurricane damage- funded by $3 million from the NY Rising Program.


We’ve been working successfully to promote economic development by bringing new businesses to King’s Highway and have several large events scheduled for Winston Farm next year with potential for the venue to turn into a more permanent performance site or performing arts center. I visited 97 Saugerties businesses, because they are the most valuable assets to our local economy and we want to retain them and help them thrive. We received a grant for night lighting at Cantine Field and are looking forward to negotiating for a local minor league team.

We’ve settled assessment grievances from homeowners and assured people were treated fairly. I went to the UC Ways & Means Committee and UC Legislature and successfully lobbied for County takeover of Safety Net charges– saving Saugerties over $600,000 in the next 2 years.

I’ve worked to assure children’s safety by promoting Carlie’s Crusade and collaborating with Saugerties Schools to do police training in schools while students were on spring break. I have taken a strong stance on school and workplace bullying and stood up for myself and others when it happened. I have supported many community organizations and fire dept. events. Volunteers are the backbone, heart and soul of Saugerties.

I assured necessary accommodations have been and will be made to make our buildings more accessible for people with disabilities and seniors. Our budget for 2014 includes funding for structural improvements for accessible entrances at the Sr. Center and Town Hall.

Saugerties is a great place to live and I’m proud to be your town supervisor.

Thanks for your support, I’d like to keep working for you because we have more to do. We have to keep Saugerties moving in the right direction, and we have to keep it affordable for everyone who lives here.

If you’re happy with the work I’ve done, I’d appreciate your vote on Nov. 5.

It’s important to Stand up for Saugerties!

Please Stand with me.

Peace & blessings to you and your families.

Kelly Myers



Myers works for us

As we prepare to choose our representatives this Election Day, please remember to give credit to the hardest working town supervisor we have had in quite some time, Kelly Myers.

Her list of achievements goes without dispute.

Proposed $400,000 in spending cuts that were rejected by town board majority last year and this year proposed a 1.7 percent decrease as well.

Has a plan to bring in new businesses into Saugerties.

In response to state audit, changed the way bills are paid and stopped the practice of no-bid contracts.

Entered office with a negative fund balance and $400,000 in unpaid county bills purposely not paid by her predecessor.

Kelly paid the bills, Standard & Poor’s credited Kelly taking the right steps to turn around town finances.

Successfully lobbied for county to take over Safety Net costs – will eventually save over $200,000. Stood up to greedy developers trying take advantage of taxpayers.

Passed law to protect children from synthetic drugs.

Kept open government pledge by posting budget, town agendas on town website

Continues to fight to protect the lower Esopus Creek that are the result of N.Y.C. discharges from the reservoir.

Saugerties is a great place to live and we deserve the hardest working representation.

A vote for Kelly is a vote for a solid future for Saugerties.

David DeForest



Helsmoortel: A guy you can relate to

I’ve known Greg Helsmoortel for just about my whole life, and a more honest, straightforward, and humble guy you’ll never meet. He was a terrific supervisor for a decade, and I look forward to him assuming that position again. I know that people who run for office are expected to go on and on about their supposed personal accomplishments. That’s not Greg’s style. He’d rather talk about Saugerties and all the people and small businesses that work together to make this town so special. And that’s why so many people relate to him and feel, as I do, that Greg Helsmoortel should be supervisor again come election night. Please vote on Tuesday.

Richard Greco