Letter: Ciarlante will turn Saugerties around

AFP_Gaetana Ciarlante sqA step in the right direction

As you cast your ballots I urge you to consider a better direction for Saugerties; one in which you as residents can continue to live in Saugerties. We can no longer afford to continue to re-elect supervisors who have not done what is best for town residents.

In my door-to-door campaign I have spoken to residents who worry about continuing to live in Saugerties because of rising property taxes. Many of you have already made plans to leave and have lost the closeness of family and friends who have moved away either due to high taxes, lack of job opportunities or both. These issues are my main focus as they have been for the past two and a half years. As a citizen I have been trying to communicate with an administration which presents as disinterested. When in office I will work diligently to address these concerns and will have some capacity to safeguard attacks from the outside while strengthening from the inside.

My reputation as an advocate for the citizens demonstrates my ability to face challenges. When an issues is important to private citizens I refuse to back down until successful. I have no interest in developing a political career and therefore do not have to “make nice” with the up the food chain politicians when they make a decision which is unfavorable to Saugerties.


I am not interested in money, power, or prestige and will neither seek nor accept a raise in pay. Elected officials work for the citizens and when they fail to do so it is the right and duty of the citizens to remove them.

As an elected official I will practice term limits; I have always been easily accessible and will continue this practice. Please visit my website at www.ciarlanteforsaugerties.com before casting your vote.

Some believe that we have gone past the place of no return. I believe that the longest journey starts with a single step.

May God guide you in your decisions, may God bless Saugerties and God bless America.

Gaetana Ciarlante


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