Letter: Conservative chair trying to manipulate GOP

George Heidcamp

George Heidcamp

This is response to last week’s letter by George Heidcamp. He referred to a meeting in April when he alleged that I said Doug Myers is doing a good job. My recollection of the meeting is very different.

Prior to the meeting, Heidcamp had been running a smear campaign against Supervisor Kelly Myers and Highway Superintendent candidate Ray Mayone. The purpose of the meeting was to see if the Conservative Party would endorse Kelly and Ray in the event they won the Republican nomination.

Heidcamp was very agitated during the meeting because he almost lost his School Board election. He made a comment that he was upset School Superintendent Seth Turner’s budget proposal had a small tax increase. Heidcamp believed this caused many of his alleged voters to stay home. But I digress.


At the meeting, Heidcamp said there was no way he would support Kelly or Ray. In fact, he said he would do everything in his power to make sure they were defeated. Heidcamp’s issues with Kelly and Ray were based on personal, not political sentiments. This is a reason why Heidcamp encouraged Gaetana Ciarlante to remain in the supervisor’s race, although he admitted to me she has no chance of winning and that he believes Greg Helsmoortel will ultimately win.

For months, Heidcamp has been trying to manipulate the Republican Party to do his bidding. But this will not happen on my watch. I encourage Saugerties voters who care about our future to support Kelly Myers and Ray Mayone on Election Day.

Joe Roberti

Chair, Saugerties GOP


George Heidcamp responds: 

I would like to explain what I recall took place at this meeting with Joe Roberti. Some time late May I received a phone call from former Conservative Party Chairman Mark Knaust that Republican Chairman Joe Roberti Jr. wanted to meet with me and him to discuss some issues. I accepted the invitation and a meeting was set up. Roberti showed up at the meeting with a female Republican lawyer (who will remain nameless at this time) who is actively involved in this campaign. Mr. Roberti Jr. and his attorney friend were trying to convince me and Mr. Knaust to support Kelly Myers for supervisor. I made it very clear from the beginning of the meeting that in “my opinion” I don’t think Kelly Myers is a good supervisor, therefore I can not support her. I do not has a personal vendetta against Kelly Myers as Mr. Roberti would like everyone to believe, I just don’t approve of her job performance as town supervisor, in my opinion. However, I did tell Roberti that we would have to wait and see who was nominated at our caucus, and the result was clear, Gaetana Ciarlante received 54 votes to Kelly Myers 17 votes, and for the record, I never told Roberti or his lawyer republican friend that I think Gaetana had no chance of winning, however, I do recall Roberti saying that.

Roberti’s remark that I was agitated during the meeting because I almost lost the school board election, and I was upset because Mr. Turner proposed a small tax increase is not only ridiculous, but hilarious. I was not upset, I was merely pointing out that when you have a small tax increase whether it’s a school election or town elections, people tend to stay home and I felt that some of my supporters were satisfied with the small increase and stayed home. So whats wrong with saying that?

As far as Mr. Roberti’s remark that I’m trying to manipulate the Republican Party to do my bidding, is also a ridiculous statement. For those of you who know me, know I’m perfectly capable of doing my own bidding. I stand on my principles! If people disagree with me, or dislike me, I’m OK with that.