Letter: Fed up with GOP negativity

negative elephantI don’t know about you but I’m fed up with all the lies and negative ads that are spewing forth from the Republican Party in Saugerties. Each week Joe Roberti Jr., the chairman of the Saugerties Republican Party, writes to the newspapers with the same lies about the people running against his slate. The words change and the people who sign his letters change but the message is always the same and always negative. I guess he thinks if he repeats the lies often enough people will believe them.

During the Independence Party primary I received an unsigned letter asking me to write in Kelly Myers. Instead of listing Kelly’s attributes and what she intends to do for us the letter was filled with lies about Greg Helsmoortel. I was appalled and I guess so were my fellow party members because Kelly didn’t do so well in the primary.

So what does Roberti do? He forms another political party named The United Saugerties Party with the exact same candidates who are on the Republican Party line.


Is Mr. Roberti and the Republican Party afraid that the people of Saugerties might be so fed up with the negativity and lies that they won’t vote for his candidates as Republicans? Does he think we are stupid enough not to notice that The United Saugerties Party is just another name for the Republican Party? Is he concerned that with the Republican party shutting down the government in Washington it might affect the way people vote in Saugerties? I guess so because now he has turned his attention and his newest ad against Gaetana Ciarlante. And surprise of surprises the ad is another negative ad!

I think that Mr. Roberti needs to take a happy pill.

Instead of all these negative letters and negative ads Joe, try to explain to the people of Saugerties why your candidates would do a better job than the people running against them. We are a small town and need the best people running it no matter what political party they are in. Stop all this negativity or you just might have all your candidates lose on Nov. 5.

Barry Kerr