Letter: Why Conservative Party supports Doug Myer

heidcamp and myer

Doug Myer (left) and George Heidcamp (right)

Now that the campaign season is rolling along in full swing, I’ll clarify a few things with respect to the Conservative endorsement of Doug Myer for Highway Superintendent.

Over the past several weeks, several foil requests have been submitted to the town, as well as letters to the editor questioning the job performance of Highway Superintendent Doug Myer– certainly fair game during an election (my opinion) and Mr. Myer has maintained a professional attitude in responding to those concerns with detailed explanations.

Here are the chain of events leading up to the endorsement of Doug Myer by the Conservative Party: In August, the Conservative Party’s Search Committee interviewed both candidates (Doug Myer, who had received the Conservative-Republican endorsement during his last term, and Ray Mayone) for highway superintendent. While members of that committee felt that both men are decent, respectable members of our community, the members were impressed and satisfied with Doug Myer’s job performance during his tenure. For example, he was able to pay all the 2012 bills and put more than $622,229 into the fund balance account for future expenditures; increased chips by 17 percent; and ran all major fema projects $1.4 million under budget. As a result, Mr. Myer was endorsed to be the Conservative candidate. In fact, during a meeting between former Conservative chairman Mark Knaust, Republican chairman Joe Roberti, Jr., and myself, prior to the interviews, Mr. Roberti readily admitted that Myer does a good job. I respected his honesty. Yet, the GOP endorsed a different candidate and asked for the Conservative nod.


Then, on several occasions following our interviews but prior to the our caucus, I was approached by some members of the GOP with accusations relating to Doug Myer. Although I asked for substantiation of these vague claims before our decision, nothing incriminating was offered which would lend any credence to the assertions and render him ineligible for consideration. It seems logical, when a party wants to capture an endorsement for a proposed candidate, that any available evidence which would tend to disqualify the opponent in order to convince or sway the caucus would be brought out before the vote, not afterward. In view of this odd timing, not only would I question any claim brought up just prior to the election itself, I would take a good look at any and all allegations to see whether there is another, more plausible or reasonable and convincing explanation.

Please support Doug Myer, Highway Superintendent, Row C, Tuesday, Nov. 5.

George D Heidcamp Sr.

Chairman, Town of Saugerties Conservative Party