Letter: Mayone has skills and personal qualities for highway top spot

# candidates mayone sI enthusiastically support Raymond Mayone for Highway Superintendent on Nov. 5! I have known Raymond Mayone for more than ten years now and can honestly say that I know him well. He has all the characteristics of a great leader and is a family man who truly cares about the Saugerties community at large. He is honest, has a sense of humor, is a great communicator and listener, hardworking, committed, and a systems thinker. If you want things done for the betterment of the Saugerties community, he is your man!

I first met Raymond and his wife Carol Ann when their children Kevin and Raymond Junior were students at Saugerties High School and I was their guidance counselor. They both were very involved in helping them become successful in academics and in life and they always treated me with respect. I could see that they love their kids and each other and that family is important to them. Having a leader who is very family-oriented is important because these traits carry over when working for the Saugerties community.

I have worked with Raymond on several construction jobs in Bishop’s Gate development and I was impressed with his excavation and people skills. He understood the importance of building relations with all stakeholders from the owner of the properties, to the construction workers, to working with town officials. He was always accessible, polite, had great follow through, and he could always solve problems effectively. He is a systems thinker who sees the interconnectedness of life clearly and gets things done for the betterment of all stakeholders. I really enjoyed working with him in my role as a master electrician.


Raymond Mayone is a lifelong resident of Saugerties and he truly wants to make our community better. I have full confidence in him and his abilities and he has my full support. On Nov. 5,, 2013, come out and vote for Raymond Mayone for superintendent of highways!

Michael Catalano