Kingston’s most soulful street angel

Kevin Sampson. (Photo: Carrie Jones Ross)

Kevin Sampson. (Photo: Carrie Jones Ross)

Kevin “K” Sampson has been walking the streets of Kingston since he was toddling. He never fails to offer a smile and a wave for anyone willing to receive it. Sampson is most often seen strolling the streets of Uptown, and is also recognized from his work as a crossing guard and security officer from 1977 until he retired in 1994.

Carrie Jones Ross: Where were you born and raised?

Kevin Sampson: I grew up in Kingston. Came in 1968 from Montvale. I went off and on to Kingston Hospital having surgeries. In 1974, I went to Memorial Hospital in New York City. Eight surgeries in New York City in the 1970s, and 1982, I had my last one in Philadelphia.

CJR: Where did you live growing up in Kingston?

KS: I mostly grew up in Rondout Gardens, then moved onto Elmendorf Street. Moved again onto Elmendorf and Foxhall. Then Lafayette Avenue. Now I live on Wall Street. I didn’t like Rondout Gardens because I couldn’t have pets. I love dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, chipmunks, birds, hawks and eagles. I love eagles very much. I care about abuse of animals, children and elderly people. That turns me off. If I had my way, [abusers] would never see a courtroom, but I know they have to. When I hear of things being done to them, I just go berserk. I wonder, “What is wrong with you? How can you do these things?”

CJR: Family?

KS: A sister Sandra Sampson and her son, my nephew Melik Davis, 40, cousin Rosyln Drake, Patsy Sampson. My grandfather was half-[Native American] and half-black. And my cats: Felix II, Misty, Sammy, Dino and Ninos.

CJR: What did you want to be when you grew up?

KS: I wanted to climb telephone poles and work for Central Hudson. I used to make telephone poles when I played outside, wanting to work for Central Hudson, But then I found out one thing … I couldn’t stand heights.

I had always wanted to be a policeman since I was 6 years old. I always had the highest respect for them. I know they’re not perfect [but] I respect them and the fire department.  I like that they protect people and keep people safe. That was my mission to keep people safe in the parking garage and help children cross. First I was a school crossing guard and then security guard. I had people’s lives and children’s [lives] in my hands. I always had the busiest corners…  Sunday traffic at Wurts at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. I was always concerned with helping people and keeping them safe. Always helped with shoplifters and held them until the police came at the parking garage. I also used to work downtown at city court; passed out charges and information. The purpose of me having the surgery was to join the military, but it didn’t work out that way. After my surgery, I came back, worked for the Kingston Police Department doing security. Then, I wanted to be a fulltime police officer, but the surgery didn’t turn it out the way I expected it to be.   Always very close with the older cops, and the fireman. The juvenile officer I worked with was like a father to me, Officer Joe Kiblin. Otto Short. Brother Harry Short. Rick Parese. Sergeant Buddy Wolf.

I am very patriotic. I wear flag buttons, hats and stuff like that. I fly the American flag and the New York State flag as well.

CJR: Do you have any hobbies?

KS: Yes, I do art. Sky scenes of the moon and sun, collages. I collect tools and I like the cartoons and Japanese anime cartoons, like the older anime cartoons. Used to watch everything having to do with police on TV in the ’70s. Cannon, Barnaby Jones, Magnum, P.I., Police Story, Emergency!, NASA.

CJR: What is different about Uptown Kingston today than 10 years ago?

KS: It is not like back when we were kids. The Kingston Police Department is trying to get rid of the drugs. Every once in a while you hear about shootings. That is so pathetic. That is so evil. But we try to best of our ability to correct it.

CJR: What is your condition?

KS: Tumors, neurofibromatosis.

CJR: Were you born with it?

KS: It came on me at three years old. They are tumors that have been worked on time and time again. But they come back, especially in the face. Just about all over the body. If it’s not bothering me then I just leave it alone.

CJR: How does it affect your health? 

KS: Doesn’t affect my health that much. Every once in a while it will pull. It doesn’t hurt; it’s just irritating.

CJR: How do people react when meeting you?

KS: I usually come across stupid and ignorant people. I am very calm and then all of the sudden I let it out. I let people know where to get off. A joke is a joke, but the time isn’t it. But then I feel sorry for them because they have problems with themselves. Big ones. Stress is the number-one killer, and I am not going to let it kill me. If they get smart, then I put them in their place. Sometimes it goes right over their head, and other times it doesn’t.

CJR: As a crossing guard did you have a problem?

KS: Once in a blue moon I did.

CJR: Favorite Uptown hang-out?

KS: Hannford’s, Walgreen’s. Dallas Hot Weiners, Elena’s Diner, Plaza Pizza … The Savonas are good friends of mine. Also Vincenzo’s Pizza.

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    1. Kathy Longhi

      About time Kevin was honored, he was my neighbor for 6 years but I have known Kevin many, many years, he was always kind hearted,and a great neighbor and a great friend.Kevin has always straight forward about his condition, and he is honest about it.Can you imagine what our city would be like if more were like Kevin? my hat off to you Kev .

  1. gerald berke

    I don’t recall Kingston without Kevin… his appearance is nothing short of shocking, but just the first time… over the years, and many many greetings, he is a welcome figure, a child of Kingston, a lesson in looking, and seeing beyond the cover, and his contribution to the city of Kingston by way of instruction and by just showing up with his greeting and friendly engagement has been invaluable.
    Thanks so much for honoring the man who has honored himself and our city so well.

  2. Francine Glasser

    Beautiful interview of this beautiful man. Teaches us that Very difficult things can be accepted with hope and resilience.

  3. Jennifer Boughton

    He’s one of my favorite people to talk to. He’s friendly, knowledgable, considerate, passionate, loving and a great representation of a true person! I’m proud to call him a friend.!!!

  4. Carol Haugh

    Kevin is an Angel,,he’s very friendly and I loved talking to him,,now I live in Virginia so I don’t get to see his sweet face, but I’ll never forget him! Keep smiling Kev!

  5. Lynn Schabot

    I always look forward to the big hug when I see our friend Kevin. He is an amazing human being. Carrie.. perhaps you can team up with Kevin to write an inspirational book. Many people could learn from it. Thanks for writing this interview.

  6. Renie Sperling

    Sweet, loving and kind man. Since I was a little girl my grandma taught me the miracle of such a beautiful soul. Who cares about the outside. Kevin you are a Kingston icon to me! Kingston wouldn’t be Kingston with you! Love you!

    1. Robin Bird

      Thank you so much for interviewing Kevin! I always enjoy talking to him.
      He always updates me on his cats & news in our community!

      At the very end of the summer I learned Kevin’s didn’t have an air conditioner.
      Of course, he didn’t need it then but summer will soon be upon us & he would be so blessed. Kevin is very humble & doesn’t ask anyone for anything!
      Does anyone out there who is honoring Kevin, have an extra AC? Maybe we could all chip in & buy him a new one? I don’t know where he lives on Wall St.
      It would make his life so much more comfortable if all of those honoring him would bless him with such a useful gift! Maybe a local store would donate one to him. Someone would need to look at his windows to see what size would be best. I’m sure my husband could do that & install it.
      Please offer any feedback…

      1. Beverly Hunt

        Robin will chip in $10.00. Is there a Home Depot or Lowes near you. If Art was military he can get a discount. Let me know

  7. Danielle

    He is such a nice guy. I’ve known him forever, he’s always has nice things to say. He is so nice to be around:) love ya Kevin

  8. Paula Brodhead

    Kev is an amazing man who yes greets everyone with a hello. I see kev almost every day @ Hannaford in the Kingston plaza (I work there) n he never forgets to say hello every time evn if i dont c him he’ll give a lil call out “Hi Paula….i look u give a smile n yell out “hey kev wussup?” n he always says “Good to c u” n depending where I m in the building a nice hug.. I’ve known kev for yrs. n he’s been the same way since I was a Lil girl that man shines n he is soooo loved by not only me but ery one in his path …. Wna say Ty to him for being him n we love u!!!

  9. kristopher quick

    When I as a little boy and my mom and grandma woulf take me for walks around kingston I wkuld always see kevin. I’ll never forget almost everytime I saw him he gave me a lolipop; Hes the nicest man youll ever meet on the streets.

  10. stan Letus

    kevin would walk my beat with me in the 70’s near burger king, he always would joke with me laugh with me. One day we meet my wife there I told him that she was 3’tall and had one eye in the center of her face [ she really was beautiful]. I told kevin not to stare at her when she came in. As she came in kevin was smiling ear to ear sharon knew I said something to him, we all started to laugh and laugh.We almost were asked to leave. Kevin is one hell of a man and will always be. He has more courage then any man I know He is a beautiful person from top to bottom. Kevin made me a better person just from knowing him, God Bless you Kevin and thank you

  11. Julie Miranda

    I’ve been living in the uptown area for the past 6 years. I remember meeting Kevin when my oldest child was almost 3 years old. I remember my son being very scared of Kevin and started viewing him as a monster. So I decided that we were going to get to know Kevin. I needed to educated my son, by opening his heart and mind. My son is almost 9 now. He knows that Kevin is our friend and to never judge or make fun of a person because of their appearance. Kevin is a wonderful, sweet, kind, and caring neighborhood friend. We love our great friend Kevin!!

  12. shelly

    I’m really glad they did a interview with him. I remember when I worked a bk years ago he would come in always such a nice man. Some of the employees were always so nice but like he said they are just ignorant. He truly is a very friendly peson.

  13. Robyn Lukaszewski

    It’s funny how you grow up seeing someone all the time, only hellos and goodbyes and how ya doing today, and then years later you read a delightful article on a beautiful soul. Kevin was the crossing guard for my church and I remember first seeing him and being a little stunned by his appearance, but my mom would always talk with him and that allowed me to see past anything. What a good man he is, and I’m glad Kingston is recognizing a unique individual who offers nothing but kind gestures and loyalty for the place in which he grew up!

  14. Liz Vadalma

    I worked at Hannaford for 22 years and Kevin is the nicest guy with the biggest heart you could ever meet!! I am so proud of him too…

  15. annie

    Kevin is one of my favorite people here in Kingston. I Always see him at parades & other thing’s hrs always happy &smiling. WHEN I see Kevin its always nice to talk to him & he shows me its ok to be different in my own way.I got to see Kevin last weekend @the fire museum we were talking for a while then he had to catch a cab to go to the dr’s. KEVIN IS a great roll model for children & adults. Thank u kevin for showing people its ok .

  16. Charlie Wolz

    Sounds like a person I would love to meet! I like people like that, down to earth and good people! Sounds like he is a walking guardian angel…



  18. Kisha

    I grew up in Rosendale and was still very familiar with Kevin. I can remember having lunch in Woolworth’s with may step-dad and Kevin when I was a youngster, it was a good day I had gotten my first hamster and Kevin and I sat there going through good names for it. We settled on Caramel because she was a light brown/blonde color. Kevin is an amazing man and is a pillar to the Kingston community.



  20. Susan

    I remember seeing Kevin around uptown all the time as a young girl growing up in Kingston. He was always kind and friendly. A great roll model for people to look to and learn from. He doesn’t let the outer shell be the first impression when he meets you and he tries to get you to see past the outer shell to the beautiful person underneath as well.

  21. jessica handschuh

    Growing up in Kingston we would always see him it never was a bad day seeing him he would always great us kids with a hello and smile and that was nice he has always been on my mind me now 37 he has definitely was a hero in my eyes with his illness and the ignorance of others I wish him the best

  22. Amanda Lockwood

    Wonderful article about a wonderful man. I grew up in midtown Kingston and saw him all the time. He’s friends with my parents and at one point him n his mom lived a couple houses up from me on Elmendorf Street. He taught me quite a lot about life and showed me how to be confident dispite your appearance and what others think of you. I have relied on this valuable lesson a lot of the years with dealing with my own health issues. So I thank him for all he taught me. I’m glad to see Kevin being honored instead of ignored. He is living proof that there are still good true people in both Kingston and in this world.

  23. Wavy Davy

    Kevin and this story is one of the many, many reasons I love Kingston and am finally moving here later this year. Thank you Kevin and Carrie for the unbeatable spirit of this story

  24. Carol Lee McDonough

    Kevin always spoke and waved to Joe McDonough as we left St. Peter’s church. A lovely man, a man to be greatly respected.

  25. Christine Tingle

    As far as I am concerned, Kevin not only represents the best Kingston has to offer, but human kind in general. I have seen Kevin in uptown and in the plaza all my life. He always has a kind word and an enormous amount of patience for ignorant people.

  26. Lei Isaacs

    Great story but left out one little thing I learned in my studies of the Lapala/Eagle’s Nest colonies near Lamontville. Kev says that his grandpa was half black, half Native American. He is being far too modest. Either his Grandfather or Great Grandfather was CHIEF Cornelius Sampson, I believe the chief of Eagle’s Nest. (Do not have my notes.) I believe I saw a picture of Chief Cornelius in the historical Archives of the Kingston Library. I showed Kev the picture of The Chief in full regalia. That was the day Kev showed me his drawings of a tornanado. He is a very talented artist and the heir to Native American royalty.

    1. Bonnie Will

      Wow,Lei! I graduated from RVC with Kevin’s sister, Sandra, another nice person, and I never knew they were brother and sister until I read Carrie’s article. I also never knew that they were part Native American, and that their grandfather, or great-grandfather was a chief of the Lapala/Eagle’s Nest colony.

  27. Pam Geuss

    Back in the early 70’s, I was Kevin’s first teacher. I home-schooled him. Forward 25-30 years: I saw Kevin outside Hannaford’s and he gave me a huge hug and called me by name! A lovely little boy grew up to be a wonderful man! We are all blessed to know Kevin, and I’m so glad that Carrie wrote this featured article.

  28. Kelly Myers

    I remember Kevin as a crossing Guard in front of St. Peter’s School.
    My younger brother would get dropped of there, he was always ok – because Kevin was there watching that he made it into school safely.
    He was always cheerful, helpful and kind. He helped kids understand that even though we all look different, there are many things about us that are very much alike. Kevin’s character always shined through as an example to us, he’s a good man with a big heart and a big soul.

  29. Deborah Zuill

    When I first saw Kevin, I did not understand. As time and the years went by I saw more of him because I too lived in Rondout Gardens and went to one of the churches on Wurt Street. I grew to apprciate his service to the community and the acceptance people had for him. May God continue to bless you, Kevin and thank you Carrie for a wonderful, eye opener of an article.

  30. Mary J Snyder Nabors

    Wow! I remember Kevin from when I was growing up in Kingston. He was always in the uptown area. He was always kind. I never knew his name until reading this article. Thank you for a great story on such a wonderful man.

  31. Kathy Bush

    I remember seeing Kevin, but never knew him. I could tell he was a gentle soul and may God continue to bless him and be present in his life. I never knew about him until reading this article either and just want to say thank you for sharing it with people like myself who lived here but never knew what a wonderful person he really is.

  32. kathy

    I remember seeing him for the first time when I was a little girl, and I wasnt afraid, but I was curious-and asked him what happened to his face-and he took no offense, just explained it to a then very inquisitive little girl. He was so nice and sweet back then and Im sure hes just as kind now. I dont know him personally but I think everyone ‘knows’ him 🙂

  33. Jed S.

    As a younger kid I was skateboarding all over uptown kingston and would see Kevin often. Was always super cool to us young punk skateboarders. Hello Kevin, you are a super cool dude who I will always remember!

  34. Dyan Zamacona

    I remember when I was 9 or 10 yrs. old my parents would drive up from Maybrook to shop in Kingston every week, plus my father worked at the Kingston Armory. I always remember seeing “k” around. As a little girl, I was scared when he looked at me but then one day I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back at me and ever since that day when my family came to Kingston to shop on the weekend I would look for him and always found him in the Plaza and we would smile ay each other. That was back in 1969 / 1970. I wonder if he remembers me as well as I remember him. Nice man he was and still is.

  35. marlene

    i have known kevin all my life hes one of the best people i no i love the article about him great job he has the biggest heart he always knows when someone just needs a listening ear or whom he can go to for one its always nice to see him at hannaford he visit me alot there kevin your one in a million my dad always loved you an your mom

  36. Michele

    I grew up in Kingston and when I was a young girl in the late 70’s, my family always frequented the stores in uptown Kingston. I always saw Kevin but I never knew him. I saw how nice he was and how the community embraced him. He sounds like a wonderful man. Thank you for the article.

  37. Jocelyn Cariello

    When I was a kid my sister and I would take the bus from midtown to uptown. I was @11, so my sister was 5. I remember Kevin walking nh through uptown and telling us to be careful. He wouldn’t let us cut through the parking garage to go down to the plaza…he would say it was no place for children to be alone. God Bless him, he is truly an angel and gift to Kingston.

  38. monique

    What do I think about kevin, when I was young I didn’t understand either, but my mother always said don’t judge any one, that he is the sweetest man alive. So from that i always spoke to him when I went up town he was the security next to londons when I walked threw the parking and got down the stairs I look back there he was he watched me get threw I cried when I had read this cause I just seen him on vacation to visit Kingston and I hugged him im still crying he is one of the most respectful man alive. love you kevin from me and my family

  39. Lisa Magrin

    Kevin always greets me with a smile and a hello every time I pass him on the street. His smile makes me smile. Thank you Kevin!

  40. Tempie Almstead

    We lived in Kingston in the late 70’s….saw Kevin around town quite often. He was always pleasant and had a good word for everyone. Each time we visited Kingston; after moving to NC, we usually saw him somewhere in the city. We have were in Kingston, in June and July of this year, and we looked for him. We were concerned about him; but didn’t know where to go for information on him. Thank you for this article on him…long time coming. To Kevin, hello and stay well….we will look you up again when we visit Kingston near the Christmas holidays.

  41. Gbainjr

    I remember going to Yallum’s and Londen’s a lot as a kid. I always remember this gentleman walking the beat uptown keeping it safe for everybody. He was always friendly and was a great embassador for the city.

    My volunteer efforts with Catskill Mountain Railroad again bring me to uptown Kingston regularly. It was comforting in many ways to see him at the Children’s Day Parade working for the community still. Thank you for publishing this interview! We should name streets and parks after people like him instead of politicians and celebrities.

    1. terry herdman

      I have lived in phoenicia all my life but when ever i went to kingston i would see kevin he always had a hello for me and a hand shake. he is a good friend and always helpful. THANK YOU kevin for being there for the kids and everyone .

  42. Mike Castelli

    Great article. Don’t know Kevin personally, but often see him around town. I share his love of eagles. Wrote a book about eagles local to this area. You’re welcome to borrow my copy anytime, Kevin.

  43. Danielle D

    Beautiful story on Kevin. I grew up in my fathers shop on N Front street…that’s when I met Kevin. So kind. Would always stop by to visit Now I’m proud that my daughter has the same pleasure of being Kevin’s friend as well….

  44. Jennifer Donovan

    When I was seven I was attending school at St. Joseph’s. My class went ahead of me and out of fear of getting left behind, I darted across the street stumbling and falling to the ground directly in the middle just as the light was changing and cars began approaching. Before I was able to realize what had happened, I looked up and there Kevin was! He quickly picked me up and carried me to the sidewalk!!! When he set me down I remember him explaining to me how dangerous it was to do that and how it had scared him!! He told me I had to be careful and that it would upset everyone if I had gotten hurt and to be more careful. Ill never forgot that!! We are very lucky to have a big hearted person like Kevin in our community.

  45. Karen Merker

    Thank you Kevin! You are a true gentleman and a great role model for our students at St. Joseph’s! God bless you!

  46. Johnny Marnell

    thanks to kevin for helping me safely across the street my entire childhood in kingston, and for all the smiles and warmth in those moments. thanks kevin for being an inspiration to all of us.

  47. Harry D Banks Sr.

    Kevin has been a friend of mine for approximately forty years.I know Kevin is a great and well respected man.We had a lot of fun together.He use to come into standard furniture where I worked to check on me at least twice a week. Last time I saw Mr. Sampson was about a month ago at Dallas hot dog shop in uptown Kingston. We had laughs together.I wish him the best always.

  48. Mary.M.

    I been in Kingston for 39 years and every time I’ve saw Kevin he has been very polite always stopped and held a conversation with me and sometimes I think he don’t know me from Adam, but I bet I’m wrong just because he don’t call a person by name don’t mean he don’t know who you are, but he is intelligent and respectful and I love him he is a good god loving person, and I think he will always be, I don’t believe there is a hurtful bone in his body. Kevin keep doing what you do god bless.

  49. Wendy. N

    I am a 16 year old girl and I used to be scared of Mr. Kevin when I was younger I got older I realized he was just like me and I realized he is really nice 🙂

  50. Susan Scanlan

    Love K he’s a bright spot in my day when I run into him at the supermarket or walking from the plaza. Just a peach of a man!

  51. Ann Van Damm

    This story touched my heart. I, also never got to know you, Kevin, but you are always pleasant and seem so positive. Thank you for touching the hearts of the people of Ulster County.

  52. Brian Haines

    I remember Kevin when I was a young boy, I use to stutter really bad back then. If anybody was courageous, it was Kevin. Never met a nicer guy than Kevin. good luck and happy new year my friend.

  53. Jessica

    I have worked uptown for almost 22 years and have always thought Kevin is one of the nicest men I have met. Always a smile and a wave or chat.

  54. Kelly

    Reading all the kind post just made me cry. I remember being scared of Kevin when I first met him but I still said hello. He kept walking with me and we had a wonderful conversation. The nicest happiest guy I ever met. He walked me all the way to my job uptown and when I got there I remember thinking how can I ever be sad or depressed after meeting a man like that. With everything he has been though he is never upset or angry but always happy and eager to strike up a conversation with anyone. I learned a valuable lesson that day all because this man decided to say hello to me. Thank you Kevin you are the best!

  55. maria whitbeck -steffanatos

    kevin is a very kind generous person will do anything for u I remember when I was a kid he was my crossing guard he will reach out to anyone that he can and do anything he can just because of his condition does not discourage him in anyway shape or form he is a god sent for everyone and needs the utmost respect as a human god bless him

  56. Donna

    Hey Kevin…It’s been a while. Great article, I am so glad to catch up on how you’re doing. We shared many laughs when I worked in the Plaza at LA Weight Loss. Happy New Year my friend.

  57. Kevin Hindman

    hello Kevin, my name is also Kevin.I remember seeing you as a child in the late 70’s at the parking garage. You were always so nice always said hello as my mom would take me back to school shopping. Well I would like to extend the friendliness by inviting you to join me one day to visit a wildlife center I volunteer at. I think you may enjoy seeing an eagle up close and personal. Many other animals too. Please contact me and let’s see if we can work out a day to take a ride. Thanks for being who you are. Kevin Hindman

  58. T.Esposito

    Met Kevin many times while in Kingston, always thoughtful with a kind word for everyone. God Bless you always!

  59. Debbie Clearwater

    Kevin is the kindness caring human beings that I know. I worked for many years at Judy’s 1/2 card store in Kingston plaza. There was many nights we would be working late, Kevin always showed up at closing and made sure whoever was working got too their cars safely. I’m glad too see that this store was written about him. For anyone that is friends with Kevin they have a friend for life. Kevin it’s an honor knowing you. I always felt safe when Kevin was near by. Kevin thank you for being such an axing caring person. May God Bless you.

  60. Robert Munson

    Kevin is awsome I remeber him from my child hood as a kid you dont shy away from him your curious and then you meet him and never forget everything he has done all the stories of his greatness god bless him and he is my kingston hero

  61. toni

    Kevin is awesome I’m blessed to have had the honor of knowing him I’m not gonna lie as a child I feared him but o.eday I got the courage to say hello and after that ever time I’d see him I’d stop and say hello I thank humcor teaching me that ppl are all the same rich or poop disabled or disfigured we all shop in the same place by the same foods bleed the same color he truly made me see the light respect for being the true human being.g that god made him to be

  62. Jeannine Steuding

    Kevin is a fine human being! He is always friendly and kind. He is a people person. He likes to meet people he knows. Nice to see Kevin’s article. He deserves the recognition. Thanks for doing the interview.

  63. Stan

    I remember Kevin from my kindergarten days. He was my schools crossing guard. On my first day I saw him and ran home out of fear (I was only 5 at the time). I burst in my door screaming about a monster on the way to school. My mother, knowing that I was referring to Kevin and knowing him herself, marched me back to Kevin and introduced me to him. He was so very kind, and I remember feeling guilty because I could see in his eyes he was sad that he had scared me. After that day I always stopped to say hello to my new friend.
    He is a genuinely beautiful person who, judging by these responses, has touched a lot of lives in an incredibly positive and profound way. I hope he reads these so he knows just how much he means to Kingston, and the world in general. Keep on keepin’ on Kevin, know you are loved by many!

  64. Andrew Fraleigh

    Nothing but fond memories of Kevin. I only lived in Kingston for a few years but being a witness to how curtious, caring and helpful of a person he is really leaves an impression in someone. I feel blessed having had met and knowing Kevin.

  65. Lee Exman

    Never heard a bad thing about this guy. I guess the numb nuts that heckle him aren’t proud of their minute of fun deep down. Met him once. It was uncomfortable for a second, but we just acknowledged each other and went about our business. I’m glad he is being honored here.

  66. Ashley Ruzzo

    Great interview! Kevin has always put a smile on my face. Every conversation with him always seems to make a bad day seem better. I’m glad he’s been highlighted as a staple of uptown Kingston. In my 30+ years of living here he has always been a great person to run into and always turned a gloomy day into a better one..thanks Kevin! Xoxo

  67. Bill Ammermann

    Thank you for sharing that story. I lived in Kingston a while ago and never knew anything about him. Thank you for caring and taking the time.

  68. donna

    I loved Kevin. He was always giving great hugs. Don’t live in Kingston anymore, but if I were ever to be there and run into him again, I’d definitely give him a great big hug. He was one of the nicest people I’ve ever known.

  69. Elizabeth Mack

    Kevin is one of the kindest people I know,he is always willing to stop and talk and is guaranteed to make me smile. Thank you my friend for always being the exact person you are.

  70. Cindy Craig

    I worked uotown kingston for 30 years. I remember Kevin, he was always around. Kind, pleasant. I remember a long time ago when he had his surgeries. He looked pretty good. But I digress, his appearance does not make the man. What is inside does. I am not surprised about his nurturing care of all kinds of Animals and birds. Very nice story about a man many people know. Kudos for writing this one.

  71. Essie baker

    Kevin is one of Kingston’s Finest , I’ve seen him around since I was a child , EVERY time I see him he is in Goid spirits Always kind patient and caring . Kingston loves Kevin

  72. Jeannette

    I have encountered kevin from time to time, the friendliest person you would want to meet. And as read this, I see he was in montvale, if that was in nj, I grew up in the town next to it, small world.

  73. Ashley duburg

    About time people got this man’s story. He’s is an incredible individual!! I absolutely love him! I’ve known him for years and he’s always so positive. Great job Kev!

  74. Alice Tenuto

    Sweet man! Always brightened my day when I worked for Credit Data on North Front Street.

  75. Judy Green

    Kevin is always like a breath of fresh air. I love running into him when I am in Kingston.

  76. Paul

    I met Kevin, while my son attended St Joseph’s school for 13 years. I was going through a tough time in life around 08, and I’ll never forget, saying hi to Kevin, and he asked “me”, if I was ok. A real inspiration to anyone, who may think, that they are having a bad day. God Bless you Kevin, you rock Brother.

  77. Jan McBride

    Kevin is a beautiful man with a heart bigger than the universe itself. May divine protection continuously guide him.😇

  78. Jen Hicks

    This is a wonderful interview with a man I’ve seen often around Kingston. I’m alway driving by while he’s walking uptown. I’ve wondered about his life and story. I wish more people did interviews with local people in communities, opening a window to others worlds and understanding. I also love that Ms. Jones Ross didn’t ask about his condition until the end of the interview, which showed deep respect I thought for a man and a wonderful human being who is an angel, as she said, and not a sum of his condition. Wonderful article and thank you!

  79. Carol

    Kevin is a very sweet natured gentleman who I met when I moved here 18 years ago. I met him at Chic’s Restaurant and have spoken to him several times the past years. He one of the nicest people I have met here. I have always wondered if he was properly diagnosed with his disease, which is what I would presume, is the same as Joseph Merrick’s, who for 150 years was mistaken to have neurofibromatosis.
    In recent times they discovered his Joseph’s disease as Protease Syndrome.
    Kevin’s mother and I had the same home health aide.

  80. Patti.

    Didn’t Kevin also work at fixing shoes. There was a place on Broadway across the street from upac.

  81. Dane Fullenweider

    I am so happy to see the outpouring of love and support for a true Kingston icon!! And you Kevin for just being the Man!!

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