Mayone bests Myer for highway superintendent at GOP caucus

# candidates mayone s# candidates meyer sIncumbent Highway Superintendent Doug Myer lost the Republican nomination tonight to contractor Ray Mayone.

Mayone received 173 votes, Myer 121 and Mike Mower 44.

Myer had recently received kudos from the Town Board for managing the department’s budget, boosting the fund balance to $900,000 and using that capital to purchase equipment and take on projects that otherwise might have been put off because of expense. He was also endorsed by the Teamsters Union. But his style wasn’t popular with everyone, and bad feelings seemed to linger from a controversy last year regarding the removal of the department secretary.


“I will respect all workers, man or woman, regardless of age,” said Mayone at last week’s candidate forum, where he promised to create a
“pleasant and productive” work environment and return all calls from residents.

Mayone is the owner of Ray Mayone Construction in Saugerties.

Also at the caucus: Kelly Myers holds on for supervisor nomination.

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