Robert Randolph & the Family Band this Saturday

Robert Randolph (photo by Gabriel Pollard)

Blues/gospel pedal steel guitar virtuoso and jam-scene favorite Robert Randolph could be playing songs about politics, sex, architecture or C+ programming and it would sound religious anyway. Divine wrath dwells in the voice of his steel guitar: swooping, snaking, expressively vocal, otherworldly and Thereminlike at times. On 2010’s T-Bone-Burnett-produced We Walk this Road, Robert Randolph and the Family Band eschew the standard-issue modern production and funk/rock grooves of previous efforts in favor of something more primal, haunted and roots-connected. And it really works.

Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Saturday, November 10, 9 p.m., $45 for reserved balcony, $35 general admission, Bearsville Theater, 291 Tinker Street, Woodstock; (845) 679-4406,