Saugerties Times letters (3/15 – 3/22)

School budget fear factor

Once again, the Saugerties school district budget brokers are dusting off the “threat factor” regarding passage of the upcoming school budget.

Our superintendent shot his first salvo a few weeks ago. More recently his education ship fired a broadside with the annual blast threatening “deep cuts” if the taxpayers reject the school budget.

Mr. Superintendent: The deep cuts have been made into the taxpayer! We have bled for years. The wounds are deep and the scars are many. The time has come to perform surgery by the board. Cut away the fat. Realign the core skeleton of the Saugerties schools. Make our district a lean-learning machine.


When voting day comes in May, will the voting locations be voter friendly? Let’s hope the Cahill School principal (the Ice Cream Lady) does not have another Ice Cream Party during voting hours. The sheer noise and chaos of that “Party” is not fair to the voters or the voting inspectors. Who Am I kidding? Why should she care about the voting taxpayer, she lives in Red Hook.

Let’s be real! Deep cuts are needed by the board, now, up front, not by threats. The school kids are our love and concern. Is there even a hint of concerns by the board for the taxpayer? Do the budget-makers respect the plight of taxpayers?

Nelson G. Burhans



On the sports complex

I have a much better idea! What Saugerties NEEDS is a YMCA!

I have to drive to Kingston to get what all they have to offer!

It cost $60 per month for a couple and other pricing depending on your income or disability.

Some people only pay $10 per month!

You get a full exercise gym, jogging track a Olympic size pool with water Zumba, Aqua classes for “ALL” especially for seniors and others who have Arthritis and Fibromyalgia!

Marilyn Richardson



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  1. MD

    Deeper cuts should be made! The local taxpayer is drowning, our homes are worth less, jobs a scarce, raises are nonexistant. Isn’t it more important we provide our children safe & stable homes (free from the credit card and debt burned that creates stress and violance) with heat, hot water, food and love over the special interest school budget items that favor only select groups. Who is looking at redundancies in the system, cut backs to extracurilcular activities that can be privatly funded….. Who gets to decide my tax dollars shoudl fund a sports team and not a dance class?

    Let’s not forget the entitlement programs the our dear, wise and honest legistalors promise just to help their election campaings, knowing full well they are unsustainable plocies that will become an unfair burden on the local tax payer and the very children they use as their excuse for doing so…..

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