Letters, 3/15 to 3/21

The Cubist Curve 

Generally, I distrust anyone who has money. Or, worse, anyone who believes that money is the goal of life. I like, occasionally, to meet a sweet homeless person who has nothing, except a pair of clear-blue, childlike eyes. ‘Johnny Blue-Eyes’ might be just such a person, despite his bedraggled, lost appearance, and his meanderings and silent brooding.  I can name others I’ve met over the years. Picasso obviously loved some of these people, too, when he presciently said: ‘I want to be rich, so I can live like a poor man.’

Christ, of course, was 2,000 years ahead of Cubism, and we still spit in his face everyday, too.

Ron Rybacki



One From Column…

When are we going to realize that laws should not be viewed as a daily menu that allows individuals to pick and choose what they want, but rather as a set menu which prescribes what they are going to get.


Howard Harris



We’re Legit Now…So We Need Your Help

I guess the Good Neighbor Food Pantry is never going to get over needing help. It’s a chronic condition with us. But, this request is probably a good thing. We finally got a website thanks to Doug Fox, Pete Baker, and Gene Huckle. What we need is this: We need for you to go to the site at goodneighborfoodpantryofwoodstock.com/ and check it out. Do you see errors? Are there things that need to be improved? Please let us know.  Do you like what you see?

Next we need a videographer to film one of our monthly food distribution deliveries activities from Kingston to the pantry shelves in the Woodstock Reformed Church.  There is a wonderful place on the website just waiting for this video. It would also be nice to get this on Youtube as well. We also need film of one of our Mass Distributions.  Our website will not be complete without these chronicles.

A third video needed is simply one of our pantry in action. What goes on in our tiny pantry is positive and needs to be shared. Thanks for all your help here. Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco



They Said It Couldn’t Be Done…

Maverick Road in West Hurley looks a little different of late — there are no trailer trucks, tankers, tri-axel dump trucks, or long flat bed trailers hogging the center line. One resident commented that they had been trying for 25 years to convince the powers that be to keep large, speeding trucks off Maverick Road, but nothing was done. Well, something was finally done and the new signs restricting trucks to 5 tons are up!

First we formed a group, Friends Of Maverick Road, and a circulated a petition that gathered the signatures of over one hundred people. The petition was presented to the Town of Hurley. The Town of Hurley endorsed the petition and sent it to the appropriate people at the county and state level. The petition was masticated, swallowed by the bureaucracy and out came letters indicating that nothing could be done. We refused to take that as an answer since it is obvious to everyone who lives on or uses Maverick Road that large speeding trucks are a safety issue on such a narrow, winding, country road. Then we went “the political route” and got results.

We, the Friends Of Maverick Road, want to first thank, Donald Gregorius, who responded to our request for help and worked tirelessly on our behalf. He has proven to be a politician who can get things done for the people in his district especially if your cause has merit. Secondly, we want to thank Ulster County Executive, Mike Hein, who picked up the phone and kept the ball rolling. Thank you both! We also want to thank, Under Sheriff Faluotico, who came to our meeting and supported us in seeing this issue to an acceptable conclusion. Finally, we want to thank, in advance, the Ulster County constabulary who will be keeping an eye on traffic matters in our neighborhood.

The next time you drive on Maverick Road your short trip between Rt. 28 and Rt. 375 will be much safer. We still have issues with cars going way too fast and are asking the driving public to please be considerate of Maverick Road residents and their four-legged friends. Please slow down!

Karen Falch, Annie Mullen Patrick, Larry Holzman

Friends Of Maverick Road. 


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